Summer Throwback: Remembering Fun Times From Last School Year

Time to share another fun learning experience from last school year!  Around the holidays, we are doing informational writing.   In the past we've done how to blow a bubble (with gum) and we love the craftivity that goes with it, but we've found our firsties are not really so great at blowing bubbles.  They loved chewing the gum, but it was hard to have them write the how to part since they didn't actually blow the bubble.
Love this, but our kiddos have trouble blowing a bubble!  Click the pic to find out more info about this cute craftivity on Pinterest.

So, Tamra thought it would be fun to have the kiddos write a how to for wrapping a gift.  It fit in PERFECTLY with the time of the year!! 

 We asked parents to send in Jello boxes and small jewelry boxes.  That was the perfect size for our kiddos to wrap.  However, since we planned it during the holidays, we didn't get many donations.  We were about to go buy cheap packages of Jello just for the boxes when Tamra found a perfect solution: crayon and chalk boxes!  Tamra had a whole bunch of sidewalk chalk boxes  (same size as crayon boxes) left over from a class party.  She emptied them and we BOTH had enough boxes for our classes!  

Note to self:  SAVE THESE BOXES!!!
 If you plan to do this writing piece, save these crayon boxes at the beginning of the year!! 

Wrapping paper, gift bows, and masking tape are the other materials needed for this activity.  We got wrapping paper at Hallmark because it has the grid lines to follow when cutting.  We used the holiday gift bows that are self adhesive and we use making tape because it is easy for the kids to tear or cut with scissors.  We did a demo with the kiddos guiding us and telling us how to wrap the box.  We wanted them to see how to do it and to be ready to do the how to writing.  After our demo, we gave each kiddo a box, a pre-cut square of wrapping paper and a gift bow and told them to GO!  We DID NOT help the kiddos at was far too neat to see them work in out themselves and help each other!  Check out the video below to see a kiddo wrapping his box!

After the kiddos had finished wrapping their boxes, they worked on the writing part of the activity.

Now, you can grab this writing activity for your classroom!  Click the pic below to download it!

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