Reader Ready: Standard by Standard {RL 1.3 - Major Events in a Story}

Today we are taking a look at RL 1.3; specifically identifying the major events in a story.   This is part of our Reader Ready Blog Series.  See below to catch up with other posts!


When we teach this standard, we use the Summarizing strategy.  The "Reader Ready" anchor chart we use for this standard is called the Summarizing Hand.  The Summarizing Hand allows students to think through the story and identify the major events.  The Summarizing Hand requires students to identify:  

someone...who is the main character?
wanted...what did the character want?
but...what was the problem? did the character try to solve the problem
then...what was the end of the story?

{Summarizing Hand: a reader is always thinking about the events in the story...we summarize what we read}

To introduce the Summarizing Hand, we go over each of the parts.  Students write their responses / thoughts on a post it note.  We do this for multiple read aloud books; in this case we had read the book, Beatrice Doesn't Want To.

During Guided Reading, we use the Summarizing Hand 2 ways.

We ask students to tell us the parts orally; pointing to each part (this is definitely more appropriate for beginning readers, readers that struggle with writing).

We also have opportunities for written response for Summarizing.  We have a couple options so throughout the year there is a bit of variety.  

Summarizing Flip Book:

Summarizing Graphic Organizer:

When we are teaching the Summarizing Hand, we point out that the "Someone" and "Wanted" part often describes the Beginning of a story, the "But" and "So" part often describe the Middle of a story, and the "Then" part often describes the End of a story.  This has helped our students identify the Beginning, Middle, and End immensely.  You'll see that our graphic organizers are set up so that they can see the B/M/E relationship to the Summarizing components.  We found without this, our students weren't able to tell the B/M/E clearly without rambling on.  

We use our RL 1.3  Print a Standard pack to review the standard.  Our Print a Standard packs each include over 10 activities.   The activities can be done whole group, small group, or independently.  They are also great for assessments or homework.  With all of our Print a Standard packs, we use formats that are easy to use but are engaging to the students. 

Some of our favorite Read Aloud's for RL 1.3:

My Lucky Day //
 Widget // Rainbow Fish
Porcupining // Bedhead

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