Four Square Fridays // Vol. 1

Welcome to Four Square Fridays...Volume 1!  
Each Friday we will post 4 quick things -- basically anything we want to share with you at the moment about teaching, TpT, family life, and more!

This week's 4 squares...

Our first graders have always struggled with identifying the lesson or central message of a story. These books are both PERFECT for this skill - and the lesson in both books is basically the same - which makes them even better!  The storyline in both of the titles is something your students will enjoy. 

We are working away on Kindergarten ELA Print a Standards.  So far we have Speaking and Listening and Reading Foundational Skills completed and bundled.  We hope to have Language completed and bundled this weekend.  RI and RL are a work in progress as we speak.  Print a Standards are one of our most popular products because they are packets devoted to one specific standard - providing multiple opportunities to practice that concept.  Luckily, I have a happy kindergartner at home that is soaking up all the extra practice when I'm done editing the packs!

It is so nice when you find a crock pot recipe that 1.  you love and 2.  you can eat multiple days!  This Chicken Tortilla Soup from Lil' Luna is so easy and delicious.  It made packing lunch so easy this week...yay for that!

I never thought I would find pens I liked more than Flairs....until I met Staedtler Pens.  You probably know about them, but if you don't grab some and give them a try.  The fine point, pretty colors, and smooth writing made them a winner in my book!

Hope you had a great week!  

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