Four Squares Friday //Vol. 4

Welcome to Four Square Fridays...Volume 4!  
Each Friday we will post 4 quick things -- basically anything we want to share with you at the moment about teaching, TpT, family life, and more!

This week's 4 squares....

Well, now that it's hit the 80's here in NC, summer is here!  Last summer I used this Goddess Garden Organic Sunscreen on my twins when they were babies.  For a natural sunscreen, it wasn't too bad to rub in.  My husband and I used it too since it was easy to just carry around one tube.  We'll stock up on it this summer as they babies are now 1 and we're outside a lot more hitting the parks and playgrounds!

This pack was so perfect for the last 3 years we've used it in the classroom.  Our district does state testing the last 2 weeks of school....not the time you want kiddos stuck in the classroom.  This pack saved our sanity!!  There are about 20 activities in different formats - sorting, cutting, filling out, walking around the room.  We let the kiddos pick any activity they want and they color in a recording sheet once the activity is complete.  Our kiddos have worked like this for 2 hours in one afternoon!!

Some fun Instagram follows....

Ali's work is amazing and so fun to follow.  She creates wood wall art using kid's drawings or handwritten pieces.  I love to see what new pieces she creates.   Follow along too and you'll be in awe of her work!

These leather mats are so gorgeous!  I don't have one, but I think they would make a perfect gift...especially for those people you don't know what to get.  They just announced this new car play mat.  This is one I'm really considering for the boys!  I love how it is simple and modern.  Check them out!

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