Four Square Friday // Vol. 6

Welcome to Four Square Fridays...Volume 6!  
Each Friday we will post 4 quick things -- basically anything we want to share with you at the moment about teaching, TpT, family life, and more!

This week's 4 squares...

 In our house we may be late to the Spot It party, but it is a favorite!  It is such a fun game, but it is one that requires concentration and quick thinking.  The game comes with directions for multiple ways to play so the kids don't get bored of the playing the same way.  I was thinking the other day how this game would be a great game in the classroom for indoor recess, Morning Meeting, morning work, etc.  

2 // LMNO Peas 
This book was a new one to me this year.  It is an "ABC" type book, but with enriched vocabulary (and adorable illustrations) to tell about the occupations of the letters.  One vocabulary activity we like to do is to give students 2 different colors of Post-It notes. They flag word(s) they know (and can explain to the group) using one color and they flag word(s) they don't know with the other color.  The book LMNO Peas is PERFECT for this vocabulary game, with words like "miners," "electricians," "kayakers."

3 // Post It's
Only on a teacher blog would there be a picture of Post-It notes!  I have always been a huge fan of them, but I have found the perfect kind.  These are the perfect size (can't loose them in a stack of papers), have lines (yay! for to-do lists), and are actually sticky enough to stay in place! 

4 // Literacy Bags
 This time of year, one of our favorite products, Literacy Bags, are great for partner work to review ELA skills.  Kiddos working on these allow us time to work on End of Year assessments like TRC's / Running Records.  We have them for KG and 2nd too!   

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