Four Square Fridays // Vol.8

Welcome to Four Square Fridays...Volume 8!  
Each Friday we will post 4 quick things -- basically anything we want to share with you at the moment about teaching, TpT, family life, and more!

This week's 4 squares...

These beloved journals have taken our firsties through a year of Junie B!  We've made a response journal for each Junie B. first grader book.  It's a great way to help kiddos with the skill of listening aloud and responding.  The journals have 3-4 tasks/questions for each chapter.  Questions responses are in the format of: circling pictures, one word answers, giving drawings....we've kept it simple, yet meaningful.  We offer a FREE journal for the Junie B First Grader at Last book.  Grab it and see how these response journals might fit in your classroom next year.
This is the week we've held our Learning Celebrations in the past.  This is our take on student led conferences.  It's a lot of prep work beforehand, but it's AMAZING to see the kiddos share their learning with parents.  Click above to see a previous blog post we shared about our Learning Celebration.  Make a bookmark and consider planning your own Learning Celebration next school year!

3 // ABC's of First Grade
 Love this Pinterest inspired poster for these last few days!  Here's another fun one we do when Kinder classes come for a visit!

4 // Green Smoothies
Already time to cool off?!  It is here in NC!  My twins love their green smoothies....especially now that is it so warm out.  For me, I love that it is such an easy way to get some green veggies to them!  Here is their favorite drink:
- 1 cup pineapple
- 1 banana
- 1/2 avocado
3-4 leaves kale
- 1/2 cup coconut water
- 1 cup coconut milk
- 1/2 cup crushed ice
Makes about 2 cups.

We're having a Memorial Day sale this weekend!  Come stop by the store and grab some goodies for the new school year!

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