Four Square Fridays // Vol.10

Welcome to Four Square Fridays...Volume 10!  
Each Friday we will post 4 quick things -- basically anything we want to share with you at the moment about teaching, TpT, family life, and more!

This week's 4 squares...

1 //  Just Books Read Aloud Website
This is a new to me - but probably something a lot of you know about!  The Just Books Read Aloud website has hundreds of books students can watch and listen to.  It's not fancy, but there are so many books to choose from and would be great for Listen to Reading or would be great to play when your students are eating snack, etc.  It's similar to Storyline Online if you're familiar with that site.

2 // The Teacher From the Black Lagoon
This year I used The Teacher From the Black Lagoon as an example of text that is written in first person.  The kiddos wanted to read it again and again!

3 // Target Outdoor Clearance
This time of year Target puts their outdoor furniture and accessories on clearance.  If you are looking for pillows for your classroom (decorative or to be used for reading), I have found that outdoor pillows work well because the fabric holds up better.  It seems that the "in-store" prices are quite a bit lower than the online prices - just something to keep in mind!

4 // Homework for the Primary Grades
If you are starting to think about next year, make sure to check out our Homework Shape Up for Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade.  Our homework allows students to practice so many things in a quick and easy format.  The unique part about our homework is that the reading passages are differentiated!  Teachers also love the spiral review the math page includes!
Click HERE for more information about Homework Shape Up.
Click HERE for a free sample to take a closer look!

We hope you are enjoying your weekend!  

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