Fall Mini Lessons and Resources

Through September, we teach main idea and details.  We pull in the fall theme to our lessons.  We've got apples and pumpkin goods here, so scroll along to see several mini lesson ideas and grab some free resources you can use for a fall theme in your own classroom!

Welcome Fall!

This fall book is great to kick off Main Idea!  We talk about how on non fiction books, the Main Idea is often closely related to the title.  That made it easy to identify the Main Idea of this Fall book!  As the kiddos listened, they were collecting ideas to fill in their puzzle pieces.  This is a great activity for all learners: you can have them just draw a picture or they can write or do both!  You can grab the puzzle sheet free below!


Here we get crafty with our Apple facts!

And of course, we add in a little fun with Johnny Appleseed!  We LOVE using stickies to easily get input from all kiddos!  It was also a great primer to get them ready to go back and do the writing piece on the worksheet below!

Here we are introducing Main Idea with Supporting Details.  We use the apple books and have kiddos focus on the Seasons of an Apple tree as their topic.

This chart adds academic work to our fall themed hallway display!

You can grab this freebie below!

Now, the yummy stuff!  Apple tasting day!  We give the kiddos an assortment of apple goodies to try out and record their feelings.  Here we're having apple slices, apple sauce, apple juice, and an apple bar.  You can grab the recording sheet for free!



After reading this book, I have the students make their own "special pumpkin." I tell them they can make their pumpkin any shape they'd like.  They turn out really cute!

 Get the kiddos moving with a Gallery Walk!  Glue these topics in the middle of a large poster.  Have kiddos walk around and respond to each poster!  Click the picture to grab it!
 Here is a peek at a poster we made at the beginning of the year.
 This free pack has 2 reading passages and a pumpkin life cycle sequencing activity with writing.  Click the picture to grab it!


Here's a fun scoot to get your kiddos up and around the classroom!  We lay the pumpkins at each seat in the classroom and have kiddos rotate around.  Below is the recording sheet and template to make the pumpkins.

Paid Resources

Here are additional resources to add some more fall fun into your classroom!  Click the picture to visit our TpT store.


Fall Math Bags K-2

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