Simple Science Experiements

We love to have a Simple Science Experiment every Friday.  This is an easy way to boost practice of experimentation, exploration, and observation in the classroom.  Plus, they are SUPER fun and allow for student participation! 

Getting Started
Grab the book here! (affiliate link)

Once we're ready to introduce science lessons and experiments in the classroom, we love using this activity!  We start with reading the book What is Science?  It's simple and easy to read for primary kiddos.  We make the chart together and the kiddos assemble the science guy or gal.

After kiddos finish their scientist craft, we pull out some sorting bags as a little observation intro. activity.

Cloud in a Jar Experiment
Here in NC, we've just been through a tropical storm with lots of rain and wind and unexpected and widespread power outages.  After a very rainy day like that, this experiment matches with what's been on our minds!  Find more about how to set up the Cloud in a Jar experiment on Pinterest

Want to pair this experiment with a book?  Try Little Cloud!
Grab the the book here (affiliate link)

Here's the recording sheet we used!  Click the pic to download a copy!

Fizzy Rocks
This experiment is takes a little more prep time in advance by the teacher, but it's really easy and fun for the kiddos to explore with the 'fizzy rocks'!  This experiment is great if you do a rock unit, but it can also be fun for any time!  What kiddos don't like finding surprises?!  Find out how to make Fizzy Rocks here!  When we made our rocks, we used simple classroom items like sequins, beads, and buttons.  This made it easy to just grab some things laying around and make the 'fizzy rocks'.  Now if you have time, you could go to the craft store and buy little goodies that go along with a theme your doing in your classroom! 

The fizzy rocks are ready and kiddos start to find their surprises!

Kiddos sort through what they found in their fizzy rocks!  They show friends and draw pictures on their recording sheet!

Want to pair this experiment with a book?  Try Sylvester and the Magic Pebble! 
Grab the the book here (affiliate link)

Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!

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  1. What a fabulous experiment! Do you have a simple science unit on TPT? A year of Friday experiments ready to go would be amazing!!!! Xoxo