C is for Coach... Freebie Literacy Coaching Printables

C is for Coach:
One small part of my Intervention position this year is Literacy Coaching.  This has been such a neat experience.  I have learned so much from other teachers!  I never leave another teacher's classroom without something new; a different approach, a new strategy, a better system, etc.  

C is for Collaboration:  
I am collaborating with a group of teachers that are also coaching.  We are doing a book club on the book, Literacy Coaching: The Essentials.  This book goes over everything from how to establish relationships with teachers you are working with to models to use in a gradual release cycle.  

C is for Communication:
Communicating with teachers is key!  It is essential that you make the most of the teachers' time.  For this reason, you'll need to stay organized.  Click HERE for a set of freebie printables to stay organized!