Simple Science : Grow a Tree

December Fun!

Hello!  Hope you're keeping warm and cozy as the cold weather starts to roll in!  Here are some of our favorite December activities!  In our classrooms, we share activities that align with the similar message of many winter holidays...kindness, gift giving, favorite holiday foods.  Read on to grab some ideas from your classroom!

How To Writing | tips. tricks. ideas. (and freebies)

Hello there!  We are dropping in to share a little bit about how we teach How To writing.  It's one of our favorites and we find that students share the same feelings!

Find ideas and resources for teaching How-To writing in the classroom!

Increase Math Fact Fluency with the Rainbow!

Math fact fluency is an ESSENTIAL building block to many math tasks!   Read on to see how our Rainbow Math fact fluency system can help build fact fluency in your classroom!

November Notes: Ideas and FREE Resources

The leaves are beautiful and swirling around!  We're deep into fall!  Time to prep your November resources.  Here are a few mini lessons and activities we mix into our daily routines this month.  Scroll along to see several mini lesson ideas and grab some free resources you can use for a fall theme in your own classroom!

Simple Science: Popcorn in Salt

Character Traits Detective

Character Traits are a favorite unit of ours; one reason is there are SO MANY good books and strong characters to choose from! Come find out about some of our favorite books and resources!