Back to School Character Building Lessons

We're sharing our favorite, must do lessons for the beginning of the year!  Through these lessons, we encourage our kiddos to be kind to each other and build a caring classroom community.

Simple Start: Morning Work Routine

Morning Work is something that I have revamped (a lot!) over the years.  I have tried what seems like everything.  

I have found that Morning Work needs to be:
 1.  something students can do on their own  
2.  something that is not for a grade  
3.  something that is not new (curriculum wise)   
4.  something that you don't have to spend time planning for each week

This is where Simple Start comes in.  Simple Start is a routine used throughout the week that gives students a chance to start their day in a simple and positive way.

Pen Pals Through the Year

Being a Teacher Parent | A Few Quick Tips!

Habits of a Good Reader: A Mini Unit

Our favorite mini unit is Habits of Good Readers!  We do these lessons the first week of school and it's our chance to build a love and respect of reading from the beginning of the school year!   This mini unit is the perfect springboard into Daily 5.