Summarizing in the Primary Grades

Summarizing is a difficult skill for primary readers.  Often we find that students want to tell you all the details of the whole book, or they tell you about one main part.

Simple Science: Snow Dough

shapes {ideas + activities}

If you're teaching shapes now, or teaching shapes later, we hope you can use a few of these ideas and activities!  

100th Day of School Fun!

To celebrate the 100th Day of School, we set up math centers using the number 100!  In this post, we're sharing our favorite centers we've gathered through the years and giving you the resources to create them for your own classroom!

Fiction vs. Nonfiction Text in the Primary Grades

Have fun comparing Fiction and Nonfiction texts in the classroom with these easy to prepare ideas!

Simple Science: Making Snow

Setting Daily 5 Routines and Procedures

We're sharing how we set up for Daily 5 rotations!  Come check out our pictures and grab FREE resources!