Simple Science: Gummy Bear Experiment


As the days get shorter, we get closer to a favorite spooky holiday!  Here are a few Halloween mini lessons and activities we mix into our daily routines.  Scroll along to see several mini lesson ideas and grab some free resources you can use in your own classroom!


Happy October!  It's pumpkin time!  Scroll down to find our favorite pumpkin themed lessons and activities!  You can grab some free resources along the way!

Simple Science: Dissolving Pumpkins

Opinion Writing: Tips, Ideas, and Freebies (W K.1 + W 1.1)

Opinion Writing has always been a favorite for us.  Read on for tips, ideas, and freebies to help you plan and teach your Opinion Writing (W K.1 + W 1.1) unit in your primary classroom!

Determining the Central Message (RL 1.2)

Helping kiddos identify the central message or lesson of a story is a tricky skill,  Here's how we practice through LOTS of modeling in the classroom!

Simple Science: Dancing Gummy Worms

Narrative Writing: Multiple Moment Narratives

We love teaching small moments as our first writing unit.  Once our students have had plenty of practice with single small moment stories (a story about one small event); we transition to a story with multiple small moments; but with the same topic.  

Simple Science: Black Magic