Simple Science: Gummy Bear Experiment

 Gummy Bear Experiment
The kiddos LOVED this one...probably more so because we gave them the left over gummy bears, but it was fun to keep checking on how the gummy bears were changing through the day. We simply filled four clear, short cups with water and added in a bit of each additional ingredient.  The shorter cups help for better viewing by students!  For more information about this experiment, visit here!
Materials ready!

Get the each cup ready with the liquids and/or mixtures.  Drop in a gummy bear!  We liked to keep the cups on the mat so we could remember the type of liquid in each cup.

After about a whole day in the liquids, it's time to take the gummy bears out!  We placed them on the mat and compared them to a new gummy bear to notice changes!

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Here's the recording sheet we used!  Click the pic to download a copy!