Setting Daily 5 Routines and Procedures

We're sharing how we set up for Daily 5 rotations!  Come check out our pictures and grab FREE resources!
 Expectations Posters
Here's our take on the Daily 5 expectation posters! We keep these posters hanging in the room all year. In the beginning of the year, we continually refer to the posters as kiddos learn the rules and expectations of the Daily 5 routines. After Winter Break, we like to refer back to the posters. After a busy holiday season and a bit of time out of school, the review is really helpful!

Just as outlined in the Daily 5 book (affiliate link), by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser, we set up the expectations of each Daily 5 routine with our kiddos. Below is each poster. At the bottom of this blog post, you can grab a FREE file with the black icons to make your own posters!
**Quick note** We don't make an expectation chart for Work on Writing until after we have completed our 25 day Writer's Workshop Introduction. For our favorite lessons to intro Writer's Workshop, see this blog post!

Student Check Sheet
After we're in full swing with our Daily 5 routines, we have kiddos use this check list to record their daily choices.
Additionally, if you have kiddos who need more direction with their Daily 5 center choices, this rotation chart can be helpful!  We've had groups of kiddos who select their own Daily 5 choices just fine!  Other groups will end up doing the same rotations over and over through the week.  These rotation charts have been very helpful for managing those kiddos and getting them to participate in the Daily 5 choices evenly.

Click here to grab all of these resources for your classroom!

Book Leveling
And here's a little tip to get your kiddos ready for selecting books for their book boxes.  We've found that used colored dots to label our books, then giving the kiddos colored dots on their books boxes really helps facilitate the book selection process!  It also helps to keep kiddos selecting and reading 'good fit' books!  Below is a pic of the supplies we use to set this up in our classroom.  You can grab a free download of the leveled book chart and large color dots to put on book bins in your classroom.  For the colored dot stickers, we buy plain white dot stickers and color them with markers!  This gives you a way to create a much better variety of colors!
Click HERE to grab the file for book leveling!