Simple Science: Crystal Snowflakes

Crystal Snowflakes Experiment
This experiment is pretty easy, but better for the teacher to set up and for the kiddos to just observe!  To set up the experiment, you'll need to make some boiling water.  In the classroom, we've used a crock pot or Instant Pot to make hot water.  You'll also need Borax.  These materials need to be handled by an adult!  Now, you could have your kiddos make the pipe cleaner snowflakes!  For specific directions on this experiment, visit Go Science Girls.

 Materials ready!
Borax poured into boiling water and stirred around.  Snowflake ready to go in!
All snowflakes ready!  Now they sit for 48 hours.
Look!  We made snowflakes!

Here are some lesson extension activities we paired with the crystal snowflakes!
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Want to pair this experiment with a book?  Try Snow!
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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!