shapes {ideas + activities}

If you're teaching shapes now, or teaching shapes later, we hope you can use a few of these ideas and activities!  

Below are some of our favorite activities when teaching shapes.  Many of the ideas can be used for 2D and 3D shapes.  We begin our unit with a Word Splash!

Spot It! Game - Shape Style
Kiddos can "spot" shapes in the pictures.  
"I spot a clock, in the shape of a circle." 
Spot It! (Affiliate Link)

Headbandz Game - Shape Style
Kiddos give clues about the shape on their partners headband.  
"Your shape has 2 flat faces." 
Kiddos can ask questions about the shape on their own headband.
"Does my shape have 4 sides?"  Grab these shape cards to add to your Headbandz game!
Headbandz (Affiliate Link)

I Spy Books - Shape Style
Similar to Spot It! above, kiddos can find examples of shapes in I Spy books.  It's fun to use a hand lens to "look closer" or a finger flashlight (seen here) to shine on the shapes they find.  Students can show the shapes they find with a RECORDING SHEET FREEBIE
I Spy Book (Affiliate Link)

Kiddos can build shapes with the tiles.  These are GREAT for kinesthetic learners.   Magnatiles come in many colors.  In this picture, we are using the clear and glow in the dark version.
Magnatiles (Affiliate Link)

"Dive Into Shapes" 
Kiddos build shapes using cards that show the steps.
Dive Into Shapes (Affiliate Link)

Kiddos build robots out of recyclable boxes and other shapes from home.  

Toothpick and Marshmallow Shapes
Kiddos build shapes using toothpicks as the "sides" and marshmallows as the "corners" or "vertices." 

Kiddos build shapes using rubber bands.   As a side note, geoboards are a great tool to use when making composite shapes.  

 Perfect Square 
This is one of our favorite shape books.  In this book, many different things are made out of 1 square. After reading it, kiddos get 1 piece of paper that has been cut into a square.  They take the square and turn it into something else.  Fun way to spark creativity with shapes.
Perfect Square Book (Affiliate Link)

Shape Walk
Kiddos walk around the class (or take a field trip around the school) and find examples of shapes.  You can give them pointers to make it extra appealing.  Another idea is to have students take pictures of the shapes they find with an iPad or other such device.    

Important Thing Class Book
This is a great activity to practice attributes of shapes.  After each kiddo completes a page, you can create a class book to display!  Grab this activity HERE.  
When A Line Bends...A Shape Begins 
After reading this book, students take the lines given and turn them into a shape - something that they have seen at school, home, or in nature.  Grab this activity HERE.  
When a Link Bends Book (Affiliate Link)

Shapebot Activity Packet 
This packet contains over 40 pages of shape practice - defining vs. non defining attributes, composing shapes, identifying shapes, sorting shapes, shape "mapping," etc.  A great common core aligned curriculum companion for shapes!  Find this resource HERE.

Try some task pages for FREE!

Print a Standard Packs for Geometry 
Print a Standard packs contain multiple opportunities for students to practice skills for each of the Geometry standards.  They are common core aligned and can be used for independent work, assessments, homework, etc.  We have them for each Geometry standard in Kindergarten, 1st grade, and 2nd grade! 

First Grade Print a Standard packs for Geometry can be found here:

G 1.1  //  G 1.2  //  G 1.3

2nd Grade Print a Standard packs for Geometry can be found here:

G 2. 1  //   G 2.2  //   G 2.3  

Kindergarten Print a Standard packs for Geometry can be found here:

G K.1   //   G K.2  //   G K.3  // G K.4  //  G K.5  //  G K.6

Have fun with shapes!