November Notes: Ideas and FREE Resources

The leaves are beautiful and swirling around!  We're deep into fall!  Time to prep your November resources.  Here are a few mini lessons and activities we mix into our daily routines this month.  Scroll along to see several mini lesson ideas and grab some free resources you can use for a fall theme in your own classroom!

Veteran's Day

In honor of Veteran's in our community, our school hosts a Veteran's Day assembly. The school lines the hallways with notes and pictures of gratitude. Our classes make this soldier and add a letter of thanks. Visit HERE to grab the template for the soldier craft. Adding a flag for the soldier to hold made a wonderful hallway display for the Veteran's to see as they walked through our school. You could also have the soldier hold one of the writing templates below!

 You can grab these writing pages for FREE! We love the book featured! It's a quick and simple read about Veteran's Day! Perfect for primary kiddos!
Grab Veteran's Day on Amazon (affiliate link)

Leaves and Fall Fun!

As soon as November hits here in NC, it's suddenly fall!  The leaves turn color overnight and start falling soon!  It's the perfect time to pull out these colorful books on leaves!  After reading, we love doing leaf art!  Here, our kiddos used fake craft leaves to create their images.  After making their leaf art, we have the kiddos add a writing piece to the image.

These Fall acrostic poems are great for an upcoming writing center project!  Here are the FREE acrostic poem templates!

Here's a way we integrate our learning objectives and the holiday fun!  We paired this FREE Character Change response sheet with a favorite Thanksgiving read aloud!

Turkey Time!
Grab 10 Fat Turkeys on Amazon (affiliate link)

These number sense turkeys are a great review tool for what you've taught so far! Kiddos either pick a number or are given a number to hide inside the beak. They show a representation of that number on each feather. They could use number words, simple adding and subtracting, place value, and any other skills you've covered! The turkeys make a great hallway display and encourage others walking down the hall to test their number knowledge! Click HERE to grab the tracers for this craftivity.
Here is another fun turkey FREEBIE!  Get your kiddos up and moving with this Turkey Place Value Scoot!

Here's a way we integrate our learning objectives and the holiday fun!  We paired our Character Traits Mini Pack with a favorite Thanksgiving read aloud!

 Here's another great way to get the kiddos up and MOVING!!  Our Gallery Walk activity gets kiddos walking around and responding to Thanksgiving prompts.  Click HERE to grab the Thanksgiving Gallery Walk!

Let's Be Thankful! 
The thankful quilt is a great activity to assemble as a class!
Grab Thanks for Thanksgiving on Amazon (affiliate link) 

This Junie B. book is fun for talking about being thankful! After reading, we make our own class thankful list! Here you can grab our reading response journal for this Junie B. book.
 Grab Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten on Amazon (affiliate link)

Also, this is a fun word splash made on ABCYA's Word Cloud. Ask each kiddo one thing they are thankful for. The words that are repeated will appear larger. Such a neat graphic! We emailed it to parents to share before the holiday!

This Thankful Journal is a great activity to have kiddos complete in class and take home to share with family over the holiday!  Click HERE to grab it!
Grab The Thankful Book on Amazon (affiliate link)

Paid Resources

K, 1st, 2nd Grade Math Bags for November 

November Print + Play Games

November Emergent Passages