Workshop Wednesday: Reading Organizers

Leprechaun On a Classroom Shelf

We wanted to share a little bit about our special visitors this week!  Tamra and I (Sarah here) have had a leprechaun hopping around our classrooms, watching for kiddos who are working hard and being kind to each other.  The kids are LOVING it!!  We were even featured on our school’s morning news show when one of Tamra’s kiddos went on to talk about the leprechaun visiting her room!  My kids love to write notes to “Larry” and ask him all sorts of questions.  It has taken me a while to respond, as I type all the responses, but my kiddos love to read what “Larry” has written back to them.  Each day, “Larry” also gives some kiddos a special note recognizing when they have shown hard work or kindness during the day.  In Tamra’s classroom, her leprechaun “Lucky” gives gold coins to the kids for good work and kind choices, but also takes some away for poor choices.  It has been a very special week in our rooms and we’re anxious to see what these leprechauns have planned for tomorrow and Friday!

“Larry” has been to several spots around the room and leaves shamrock confetti behind when he moves.

Notes to “Larry” from the kiddos and “Larry’s” responses.  It is so fun to read these notes!  If you have St. Patrick's Day fun or sneaky leprechauns in your classroom this week, hope you kiddos are enjoying it as much as ours are!