Workshop Wednesday

We LOVE word work!!  We've shared a bit before about what resources we use...but we're excited to link up with Jivey, so we're sharing it ALL here in one post!!  In first grade our word work routines focus on isolating different letter sounds or letter pair sounds.  We also do lots of work with word families.  

We made a Word Work Pack to keep it all together...word lists, sorting, read the room, word sorting, and making words...all in ONE spot!!  This is our go-to resource for Word Work! 

Each week, we give the kiddos differentiated word lists and during Daily 5, kiddos use manipulatives to build the words from their word list.  Here are some pics of our kiddos using different manipulatives.  Since we are just starting to practice Word Work as part of Daily 5, we give kiddos a bag of sight words to build.  We'll start with the word lists next week!