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Here are some of the great work samples from our classroom!


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Motivate Me Monday {10.28.13}

Happy Monday to all of you!  Welcome to our weekly linky!

If you follow our blog, you may already know that we have teamed up as classroom pen pals with Amanda and Aylin at Learning to the Core.  Can we tell you how much our kiddos have LOVED this?

They get SO excited to write letters to their new "friend" and

SO excited when they get a letter from their new "friend!"

After all, as we all know....

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Mentor Text Linky {10.27.13}

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for the Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Social Studies. At our school we celebrate Veteran's Day in a BIG way!  We have a special assembly with family members that are veterans. We read the book, Veteran's Day, to teach the kiddos about the importance of the holiday.

These are books we'd like to try out....

We make these cute soldiers to hang up around the school to celebrate Veteran's Day.  They turn out SO CUTE!!!

Here is letter paper if your class would like to write letters to soldiers:

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Five for Friday {10.25.13}

Happy Friday to all of you!

Here's a peek at our week:

We finished up our living organisms unit in Science this week.  The kiddos selected, researched, and created to end our study!
First, a mystery animal flip book:

Next, they did a very simple "research report" to glue onto the back:

Last, they made a habitat "diorama" complete with their animal made from Model Magic:

We also worked on verbs this week.  We used activities from our Monster Grammar unit.  Verbs are always a fun grammar skill to teach.  

This year both of our classes have pen pals from Amanda and Aylin's classes (over at Learning to the Core).  They were very excited to get their letters this week! This month we decided to put pictures of the kids on the letters so that they could "see" their pen pal.  This was a hit!  

Our kiddos LOVE Junie B. Jones!  Don't yours?!?  This summer we created reading response journals for us to use with each of the Junie B. First Grader books.  We created them to encourage students to respond to the text they have read or heard; but in a fun way!  They have been a big hit in our room!   Currently, we are working on the "Boo and I Mean It" book and journal.  

This weekend, we are offering our complete set of Junie B. Jones journals for 40% off!  There are 11 journals in all and each one is sure to make your kiddos smile! Make sure to stop by our store to take a look!

It has definitely cooled down where we live!  Yesterday we had an outdoor field trip and this is definitely not what we wanted to see on our phone for the day's temperature:
Good thing the sun was out to help warm us up (a tad)!  

We are ready for the weekend after a busy week!!  Enjoy your weekend!

Motivate Me Monday and Manic Monday Freebie {10.21.13}

Welcome to Motivate Me Monday!

We found this quote and think it's appropriate as we complete report cards and schedule parent teacher conferences.  Reminds us to think about how comments we write and things we say need to be worded in a way that parents understand you are with them in this journey! 

And, for our Manic Monday freebie...we are so happy to have our 2nd grade Math Bags done and for sale in our store.  We have 4 individual sets of 2nd grade Math Bags, as well as, the Complete Set of 2nd grade Math Bags for sale.
A little bit of information about 2nd Grade Math Bags from our TPT product description:

We have gotten GREAT feedback for our 1st Grade Math Bags and had a wonderful suggestion from a buyer to make a 2nd Grade set. So we did!

We have been using Math Bags for years and have seen a lot of great things come from them. When we created these, we wanted a system in which the students could work on independent math activities while we met with students in small groups. We didn’t want to...change math centers every week or 2 weeks OR use so much colored ink (which is often paid for by teachers!)...so these Math Bags are good to use for 9 weeks AND can be made with just a black and white printer / copy machine and colored card stock!

Basically, Math Bags are 12 math activities that can be done independently. We try to hit each strand within each set of Math Bags. Each Math Bag is designed so that it can be done by one student or in a pair of students. We want the Math Bags to be engaging but also at a skill level where students can work independently. The instruction pages were made in a kid friendly way (there are both words and pictures).

Click here to get a freebie of one of our 2nd Grade Math Bag activities (sorting task cards based on equal or not equal).

Thanks for stopping by and have a super week! 

Mentor Text {10.20.13}

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for the Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Science.  We are currently working on a Living Organisms unit and this week we will finish up our Habitat study.  The book, Nature's Patchwork Quilt, Understanding Habitats, was perfect for our unit.  In this book the illustrations are beautiful and the message is clear; that all habitats work together to create the planet we call home.  Each habitat presented in the book has pictures of animals and vegetation, as well as, other features that make it special.  Our kiddos loved this book and we know yours will too!

We used a graphic organizer after reading this book that allowed the children to draw pictures of an animal that belonged in each habitat.  You can get that freebie and read about our other Living Organism activities if you click here.
Have a SUPER Sunday!

Five for Friday {10.18.13}

We are glad it's Friday, what about you?  Here's a peek at our week:

We are linking up with Molly (Lucky to Be in First) for her Freebies on the Fifteenth Linky! Click here to get your FREE copy of various Fall themed acrostic poems (from our Fall activity pack) to use in your classrooms the next few weeks!  Our kiddos always love writing acrostic poems! 

We love Star of the Week in our classrooms!  Each week the star student brings a poster with pictures of their family, hobbies, etc.  This poster definitely wins most creative and fun for sure!  The family made a large iPad with "apps" which opened up to display the pictures and information he wanted to share.   How adorable is this....

We have been busy working on nouns this week.  Below are a few activities we have completed using our Monster Grammar packet.   We created the Monster Grammar packet to cover all of the Common Core grammar standards; all in one place!  We wanted the activities to be meaningful and fun for the students.  Each standard has a poster, matching or sorting cards, and student printables.  Our kiddos have really enjoyed it and we feel better knowing we are covering all our bases with grammar skills.

Pumpkins have also been a big hit in our classroom this week:

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Enjoy your weekend, hopefully your weather is beautiful!  I know Sarah's pups sure did enjoy last weekends weather at the "Furry 5K!"