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Living Organisms and Motivate Me Monday!

We got offered to review these fun Fandex Field Guides from Educents and were super excited!!  We've just started Living Organisms in our classes and these guides were a super was to add in some more non-ficiton reading and facts to our lessons.

Here's a bit about what we have been doing so far:

We started with a walk about school for Living and Non-Living with this handy recorder.

First up: plants.  We began an experiment with bean seeds and the amount of water seeds need.  This has been great for observing change over time.  The kiddos immediately come into the room and sneak a peek at the seeds each morning.  We love to overhear their observations!!  Each day our kiddos record in their observation journal.  We'll finish this week and students will summarize their findings.....and see that seeds just need some water, not too much or none at all.

We found this cute plant foldable booklet to make as well!  We love how the flower at the end can grow taller!

And since this was such a hit last year, we did it again! 

    We pulled out the Fandex guides to wrap up plants and segue into Animals, which we will begin for this week.  Our kiddos loved gathering together to look at the large life-like pictures!!  We grabbed them at the end of the day as a quick filler before dismissal.  The kiddos just ate up those facts!!

Head over to Educents now to grab a set for your kiddos!!

As we move into Animals this week, we'll start with Habitats.  We love watching the Brain Pop Jr. videos on habitats.  As we watch them, we'll have kiddos record (by drawing or writing) some animals that live each habitat.

After we work through the habitats, we'll start getting reading for our Habitat Dioramas.  First, kiddos will select and animal and research it.  They will make this Guess My Animal flip-up.

Oh, so fun!!  We love doing this science unit!!

Time for Monday already!!  We got a cute writing piece from one of our kiddos to share.  Hope it gives you a smile this Monday!

I love Alexis.  I have been with her since kindergarten.  We both care
 about each other and say nice things to each other.

So CUTE!!!  Wish all of our kiddos could be this sweet to each other!

Workshop Wednesday

We LOVE word work!!  We've shared a bit before about what resources we use...but we're excited to link up with Jivey, so we're sharing it ALL here in one post!!  In first grade our word work routines focus on isolating different letter sounds or letter pair sounds.  We also do lots of work with word families.  

We made a Word Work Pack to keep it all together...word lists, sorting, read the room, word sorting, and making words...all in ONE spot!!  This is our go-to resource for Word Work! 

Each week, we give the kiddos differentiated word lists and during Daily 5, kiddos use manipulatives to build the words from their word list.  Here are some pics of our kiddos using different manipulatives.  Since we are just starting to practice Word Work as part of Daily 5, we give kiddos a bag of sight words to build.  We'll start with the word lists next week!