Sunday, March 31, 2013


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Let's Get Acquainted Linky!

Time for this week’s Let’s Get Acquainted Linky!  This week Mrs. Reed has planned a Favorites Survey.

I love their great selection of petites on-line!  

Parks and Rec!  Love how it is silly and quirky!

Dark Chocolate!!

I couldn’t really think of a favorite food….I do enjoy pulled pork a lot!

The Pit in downtown Raleigh!  Yum!  Perfect for a craving of pulled pork!

 They have it ALL!

It is a DVR must....or else it is too long!  Are you watching?  Which contestant are you loving?

Pumpkin Spice Latte!  

Spaghetti…simple but super yummy!

Good Southern-style cooking!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Must Read Mentor Text Linky #1

This is a fun linky for a lazy Saturday!  We’ve been enjoying our freedom since yesterday and it is so nice to take it easy!  The girls at Collaboration Cuties are hosting a linky for the next 4 weeks to showcase great Mentor Text across subject areas.  This week is Literary Mentor Text and we’ve chosen to share a book/acvitity we did for Opinion Writing.

Opinion Writing was new for us in 1st grade this year.  We searched for strong texts to use as models to teach our kiddos about this form of writing.  One great book we found was A Fine, Fine School by Sharon Creech.  If you are not familiar with this book, it is a story about a principal who loves his school, teachers and students so much, he wants them to be at school more often.  He instates school on weekends, holidays, and summers.  One girls shares with him about how going to school is keeping her away from other important things.  He is about to make another anouncement and the kids get worried about when else he will make them come to school.  This is the point we stop reading and have our kiddos record their opinion about what the principal should do….most kiddos think the principal should stop making the kids go to school so much.

Here are two versions of the organizer to use with your kiddos so they can state their opinion.  Select the version which would best fit your class.

Hope you have a chance to check out this book and enjoy it with your class!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Five For Friday (including a GIVEAWAY!) 3.29.13

It’s Friday; which means it’s time for our Five for Friday linky! 
We have reached 100 followers!!! We are so excited about this!  Thank you for visiting our site and joining us in this journey!  We have made connections with people we would’ve never known otherwise!  To celebrate, we would like to give away one of our products; Rainbow Math.  Rainbow Math was an idea we had to help improve our students’ fact fluency. We have been so pleased with the results. Each kiddo has a ring that they keep their addition facts on.  The facts start at +1 (which are red) and they add a color each time they pass a level.  We started this in February and we are excited to say we both have students that have passed ALL ADDITION levels!  When the students pass addition, they move on to subtraction.  Recently we introduced 2 digit addition and our students did so well; we think part of this is their ability to add quicker and their improved confidence from their Rainbow Math practice.  

Below is a raffle if you’d like to try for your copy of Rainbow Math! 

This week we worked on the equal sign; it’s meaning and ways to use it.  Many young children see the equal sign as “the end of a problem.”  We wanted to make sure they understood that an equal sign means “balance” or “equal values.”  So, we introduced “Equal Ellie.”  In this packet there are 4 activities that allow the students to see that the equal sign is a symbol for “balance.”  Below is an anchor chart we made with one of the activities; the students had to sort the number sentences into true or false.  If you’d like to try this in your classroom, the picture of “Equal Ellie” will take you to our TpT shop.

This week we completed our Economics unit.  We set up a class cookie factory to teach “division of labor” and “quality vs. quantity.”  Every year it’s a student favorite! We divide the students into 2 groups; a factory that uses division of labor (assembly line) and a factory that has no rules or guidance.  It’s always so neat to see the difference in how the cookies turn out.  See below!  

Another engaging activity we did this week to conclude our Economics unit was a classroom store.  At our classroom store we sell goods and services.  The students have to make the goods and provide the services!  They even have to make a sign to put up in their shop (they get so creative!!!).  This is one of our favorite activities in first grade! 

Both of the activities above (the factory and store) are a part of our "Economics in the Primary Grades" packet!
 A couple more examples of our use of this packet...

How cute is this: "A haircut is a service provided by a haircut girl." 

Vocabulary cards (designed to look like stores) are included to make anchor charts or to hang around the room!

Click here for a freebie from our Economics packet:

We are officially on Spring Break!  We plan to work on “end of the year” projects this week…can you believe it’s time to say that?!? We can’t wait to share the things we come up with on our blog in the coming weeks! 

Have a GREAT weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Powerful Products Linky

Here is a fun little linky from Jess at I (Heart) Recess!  You talk about a product from a blog or TpT and share how you’ve used it in the classroom.  We like this idea because we find seeing an idea in action in the classroom leads us to be more inclined to try it ourselves!  Luckily, there are lots of blogs that do that!!

Throughout the year, we have a resource that has been very valuable to our reading instruction.   These comprehension packs from Lindsey at The Teacher Wife have integrated into our strategy lessons wonderfully!  

Here are some pictures from Tamra’s room (she organized them so they can hang all year!):

We have found these comprehension organizers and activities to be a great fit for   our 1st graders to understand and complete the tasks.  They can be used in various settings: whole group, small groups or independently during their Daily 5 rotations.  The organizer sheets can be modified for all levels of learners – kiddos can draw their answer or write about their answers.  Check these packs out and see how they might fit into your comprehension instruction!