Five for Friday 1.31.14

Happy Friday to all of you!

A peek at our week:

It was a CRAZY week for us…that's for sure!  FOUR snow days!  For NC that's a lot of snow days in a row!  We only got  about 2-3 inches of snow but it definitely shut everything down!  Time at home in the snow was a treat. 

The snow days gave us time to finish up a couple of TpT projects!  We now have St. Patrick's Day Math Bags for sale for:


If you're in the need for math centers for March, you'll have to check them out! 

It's almost February!!! This weekend (today through Sunday) all of our Valentine's Day products in our TpT store will be on sale (40% off)!   Our packet, "Special Delivery" contains many activities for your kiddos to use leading up to, or on Valentine's Day!  Our students loved it last year and we are looking forward to using it again! 

Also, our Valentine's Day Math Bags will be on sale; we have 
Kindergaten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade available! 
Speaking of Valentine's Day…here's a fun idea for your students' cards….

A clear bag with a packet of hot cocoa, a fun straw, and heart shaped marshmallows (I found these at Walmart after going to every.single. grocery store in my area.  They are "Campfire" brand.):

With a ribbon and tag attached:

If you'd like a copy of this tag so you can make these for your students, click here.  

Our kiddos were super excited to get pen pal letters from our friends in Amanda and Aylin's classrooms!  How fun to read letters from other first graders so far away!

My sweet TA surprised me by having the kiddos decorate "Onsies" to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our 2nd child.  How cute are these?!?  

Have a great weekend!!!

P.S.  Join us over at our Teacher's Notebook store for the Super Bowl Sale on Saturday and Sunday!  The whole site will be 10% off, plus we will be offering an additional discount!   

Mentor Text {1.26.14}

Hello all!  Today we are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for the Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Social Studies.  Later this quarter we will begin our "All About Maps" unit.  Last year I received the book, There's a Map on My Lap,  from a student during the Book Fair and I'm excited to integrate into our plans this year!  There's a Map on My Lap is a nonfiction book that tells all about maps.  There is very rich vocabulary and we are sure the characters (Dr. Seuss) will keep the kiddos' attention for sure! We can't wait to use it!

We created this graphic organizer for our first Science unit earlier this year and we think it will be a good one to use for our Map unit as well.  This graphic organizer, "ABC's of Maps," allows students to draw a picture or write words about vocabulary that they are learning based on a specific unit or theme (in this case, maps).  They can put write / draw about 1 word they have learned for each letter of the alphabet.  If you'd like a FREE copy, click here.

Also, here is fun FREEBIE we just posted to our TpT store last night!  We've been finding lots of great ideas to celebrate the 100th Day on Pinterest.  We created these blank, editable signs to help organize some of these new ideas!  Click the pic to grab them!
And don't forget to check out our FREEBIE on our FB page!!  Today is the last day of the FB Free for All!

Happy Sunday to all of you!

Five for Friday {1.23.14}

Happy Friday!

Here's a peek into our (short) week:

We had a great 3 day weekend…followed by a workday (aren't those the BEST?)…followed by a delayed start due to snow!

We found time to work (on TpT projects and report cards)...

AND found time to play (chilly outside but great to have the time to see family!)...

Our kiddos are finishing up their "How To" writing unit and will begin "All About" writing soon!  Love these examples…

"How to Make a Bed"
I love the "last" step…"put the pillow on and puff it"

"How to Tie Your Shoes"
Don't you like the last statement…"Enjoy!"

"How to Make an Ice Cream Sundae"
Love how he included the cherry on top.  :)

This week our kiddos also learned about Martin Luther King Jr.  They enjoyed the activities out of Dr. Martin Luther King Mini-Unit from Tamara Russell over at Mrs. Russell's Room.  We got this fun product from a product swap we took part in last year; it was neat putting it to use! After reading a few books about Dr. King and reading our Scholastic News, kiddos completed these organizers:

We also completed a timeline of Dr. King's life, then made our own timelines!
Tamara also just updated this unit so it has a LOT more goodies now!!  Click the pic to check it out over in her TpT store.

We have added St. Patrick's Day Math Bags to our store for First Grade.  We are working on the Kindergarten and 2nd Grade St. Patrick's Day Math Bags as we speak!  Math Bags are teacher and student friendly math centers that we have used for years and have had great success.  We have complete sets for KG, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade and have been adding holiday/seasonal Math Bags recently!  

We are participating in the "Facebook Free-for-all" for February!  Make sure to check it out!!!  

Click the picture below for the map of the event:

Click the picture below to head to our FB page to find our freebie (you won't want to miss it!):

Have a nice weekend!

1 Year Anniversary Gift Card Winners AND Mentor Text {1.19.14}

First up, our 1 Year Anniversary Celebration Gift Card Winner Announcement…

Next up, Mentor Text!
We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky. This week the theme is Science.  Calvin Can't Fly…The Story of a Bookworm Birdie is a really cute story about a bird that LOVES to read; mainly about scientific things like dinosaurs and weather.  His cousins and friends make fun of him for being a bookworm.  They call him "geeky" and don't understand his love for reading.  In the end, Calvin's obsession with reading and knowledge about weather saves the birds from a hurricane.  We think any age would like this book, there are many lessons taught within the story! 

We think this book will be great as an introduction to our upcoming "All About" writing unit; showing our students how important it is to know "All About" things that are important to them.  We plan to use this brainstorming organizer to help students choose the "All About" topic they are going to write about.  If you'd like a FREE copy, click here!

border by Moffatt Doodles

Have a great Sunday! 

Five for Friday {1.17.14}

Happy Friday!!  We've had so much fun celebrating our Blog/TpT Anniversary this past week!  Thanks to everyone who has joined in with us!!  And don't worry, the fun is not over yet!  Tomorrow will be a day of GREAT deals on our favorite products.  Follow us on FB to find out when the deals are happening!

Science Fun!  We've been all about rocks this week!  To kick off our new unit, we went for a rock dig, or should we say chocolate dig!!  Our kiddos had a great time digging out chocolate chips from their cookies.  And of course they loved munching a cookie when they were through with their dig!

Here is a fun rock FREEBIE!
 Here is a FREEBIE for helping kiddos create their own rock collection!

We continued our work with nonfiction texts this week.  The kiddos have continued to LOVE looking through the nonfiction book collection we've created in our rooms.  Our school librarian has gotten a nice collection of Easy Reader Nonfiction books.  They are SO perfect for our firsties!!  We talked about the difference between Nonfiction and Fiction, learned about text features, and did some compare and contrast.  We wrapped up the week with a partner project making nonfiction posters.
 (This was a fun Pinterest idea to have kiddos find fiction and nonfiction books in Scholastic Book Order forms.)

The kiddos used these recording sheets during Daily 5 while reading nonfiction texts independently.
These partner groups used a Scholastic News with their recording sheet!
We just finished fancying up our Valentine Pack!  It is a fun mini pack of fun activities to use on Valentine's Day in the classroom...great for independent or partner centers on this special day (when you know the kiddos will be more excited and wiggly than usual).

Click the pic below to grab a freebie from the pack!

Shapes!  We've begun our new math unit on Shapes.  Here are few things we've done so far:
 Here is the FREEBIE for this!
And last Sunday we shared this fun class book.
Have a GREAT weekend!!