Five For Friday {3.28.14}

Happy Friday!  Here's a peek into our week:

It's SPRING BREAK for us!!!  We are thrilled!  We thought we'd celebrate with a TpT sale!

Our kiddos enjoyed our Economics unit this week.   

First we set up a "factory" to make cookies.  One of the factories used "division of labor" and the other factory did not.  This helped us show "quality vs. quantity."

They LOVED the classroom store!  Students took turns buying and selling.   This way a great way to end the week before break!

Both of these activities can be found in our Economics packet.

We love to see our kiddos excited about reading!  They are still using the genre cart that we blogged about a couple weeks ago. They are excited to read all the different genres and have special books to put in their book boxes!

More dialogue practice this week…
We love the use of the word "exclaimed!"  Cute.

Join us for another Blog Hop!  This time it's all about games, click here to find our post! 

Happy Weekend! 

Spring Has Sprung and Games are Fun! Blog Hop

What classroom is complete without some fun games?!  We've got a few favorites here to share with you.  Come hop along with us and grab some fun FREEBIES!

We love using these fluency games for a quick skill building.  We've made them in a projector form to use with the whole class and in a playing card form for small groups. These games can also be great to throw on an iPad and use in a small group.   Right now, we have 3 versions: Nonsense Words, Sight Words, and Number Sense.  Here is a pick into our classroom to see the games in action:

Our SPLAT Number Sense Fluency has been super for improving our kiddos mental math skills when working with numbers.  They are gaining more accuracy in quickly naming 1 more, 1 less, 10 more, and 10 less than a given number.  This game is broken down into numbers 1-30 and numbers 30-120.  This allows for differentiation and growth.
In our BUZZ..Nonsense Word Fluency game, kiddos are practicing to read nonsense words fluently.  This has been great for encouraging our kiddos to read the whole word instead of chunking out the sounds.  This has GREATLY helped our DIBELS testing scores as our version of the test gives a greater emphasis on reading the whole word.
 Here is a FREEBIE Nonsense / Real Word Sort you can grab!

Our Bounce Sight Word game uses the Dolch sight words. There is a Pre-Primer, Primer, First and Second list for both the card game and projector game.

Here is sample FREEBIE you can grab from our Bounce Sight Word Fluency game.  This freebie is the projector version of one of the sight word lists.
Another favorite game type resource in our classrooms are our Math Bags (math centers).  Below you can find the Original Math Bags for grades K, 1st, and 2nd.  Each complete set has a sample freebie you can grab.  The sets are also sold individually in our store.

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You can also grab all of these fun game products for 20% in our store right now!

Head over to see Abbey at A Teacher Mom to grab another super freebie!

Mentor Text {4.23.14}

Happy Sunday!  We hope you are enjoying your weekend. This is our last week before Spring Break.  We are definitely excited about that! Today we are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky.  The theme is Social Studies.  We chose a book that we use for our study on Earth Day.  Earth Day is about a month away, but we thought this post could give you a jump start if you're interested in doing this fun activity!  We love the book, What a Wonderful World!  It brings Louis Armstrong's song, What a Wonderful World, to life through a fun and colorful puppet show.   

Each year we have our kiddos illustrate a book to accompany the song, What a Wonderful World.   Each student illustrates one part of the song and as we listen to the song we turn the pages and look at each other's artwork.  It always turns out to be a really sweet memento.  We send it home with each family for 1 night once it's complete.  Here are a few examples of the pages:

If you'd like to try this out in your classroom, it's available in our store

Here's a fun FREEBIE you can use for Earth Day:

Have a nice week!

Five for Friday {4.20.14}

It's Friday, time to link up with Doodle Bugs!

Here's a peek at our week:

We added a new product to our store this week! Based on the need for students to explain their thinking during math, we created Prove Yourself {Math Edition}.  This packet contains math prompts for each of the 4 Common Core strands.  Rather than just asking a question (such as 2 + 2 = ), students have to say if a scenario given is true or false…and then explain why!  Make sure to check it out (and grab the FREEBIE below!).

We actually added the Language Arts version of Prove Yourself earlier this winter.  The LA version is the same concept…simple questions that require students to explain their thinking / reasoning with complete thoughts.  We have had great luck with this in our classrooms.  You can see a blog post about Prove Yourself here.

We worked on Maps this week.  We have tried to start our Me on the Map project more than once but with snow days and the stomach bug sweeping through the school, they are a work in progress!  We are starting our Flat Stanley projects soon to finish up our Mapping unit!  Do you do Flat Stanley in your classroom?

We finished up a unit on "Types of Sentences."  Our students enjoyed the activity below from our Monster Grammar pack.  We give students a magazine picture and they have to create each type of sentence based on what's happening: 

We created our  Monster Grammar  packet to ensure we hit all of the Common Core grammar standards for grade one.  We love having all the materials for each standard all in one place!  For each standard, there is a poster, sorting/matching cards, activity, and printable.  Check it out:

For a FREE copy of the activity shown above, click HERE.

We also worked on dialogue this week.  Once again using magazine pictures, students created dialogue  to go with the scene. Look how cute this one turned out:

"Really, you call that dancing?" 

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