Five for Friday 5.29.14

Happy Friday to all of you!

Here's a peek into our week!

We had our big Learning Celebration this week and it was a big success!  Each May we hold a Learning Celebration {think Student Led Conferences} for our students and their families.  Students show off their hard work; they go through their writing portfolios, play a math game, and read a "just right book."  The parents and kiddos were proud so we were happy with the outcome!  We blogged about our Learning Celebration set up over at Who's Who and Who's New…check it out here


We started a data unit in math.  We have been collecting data on all sorts of things.  Students seem to like this unit and it is something all of our kiddos can understand relatively quickly, so it's a great unit for this time of year! 

We made these fun treats for our kiddos for the last week of school.  They are pretty excited to soon be big 2nd graders!  

If you'd like FREE fish tags for your kiddos, click HERE.  There are tags for each grade level

Our kiddos are loving some time to work on our End of Year Fun center activities! We have 2 weeks of school left, so we will be using these centers for sure!  

We made these fun summer Pinterest inspired crafts to decorate our hallway:
Summer Sunglasses:

Summer "Bucket Lists:"

We hope you have a great weekend! 

Five for Friday 5.23.14

Hey everyone!  It's Friday, and it's a 3 day weekend…what a great day!  Here's a peek at our week:

Our store is having a sale...

Our kiddos enjoyed Field Day this week!  Field Day is so different these days…we had bounce houses, water slides, dunk tanks, races of all kinds, tug of war, and so much more.  It was a very hot day but the kiddos didn't mind of course, they had a blast!

We made these fun Pinterest inspired contraction kites.  Contractions are a bit tricky to teach…this was a fun way to review what they are all about!

Each year our grade level assigns a book project for homework.  The fun part about this book project is that they have to use as many shapes, colors, and textures as they can.  We always get some of the neatest posters; so creative!

For the book, Froggy's Sleepover (look at those adorable sleeping bags!)...

For the book, The Little Mouse, The Big Hungry Bear, and The Red Ripe Strawberry…

For the book, Miss Smith's Incredible Storybook…

We started the reading comprehension strategy, Synthesizing today. This can be a difficult strategy.  We used a few (free) graphic organizers from Cara Carroll to help! This book, My Name is Yoon worked great for the "Synthesis Sundae" GO.

We hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend! 

Mentor Text 5.18.14

Good Morning!  We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky.  This week the theme is Science.  We chose a book that is great for nonfiction reading skills with a summer theme; The Sun: Our Nearest Star.  This book is one from the "Let's Read and Find Out" series, which we think are very helpful for young readers.  This book provides information about how large the sun is, what it is made of, and more.  Most importantly, it provides information about what the sun does for the Earth. 

We made this fun graphic organizer to use after reading this book (or any other nonfiction book about the sun).  Click HERE if you'd like a FREE copy!

Speaking of SUMMER and FREEBIES…we've got a new FB Fan Freebie to get you and your kiddos thinking about Summer Break!  Come on over to our FB page to grab it!

Have a great Sunday!

Five for Friday 5.16.14

Hello there!  It's Friday…time to take a peek at our week!

We started our Fraction unit in math this week.  We both enjoy teaching fractions and the kiddos love this unit every year.  We created this fun True / False sort to practice fourths, halves, and thirds.  If you'd like a free copy, click HERE!  

Head on over to Lucky to be in First for more fun freebies!

Our kiddos had fun with "Sound Writing" this week!  We gave them sound cards and they had to create a writing piece using that sound.  First graders can get pretty creative!!

One of our favorite products this year has been our Junie B. Reading Response Journals.  We created a journal for each of the Junie B. First Grader books.  Our kiddos have LOVED them!  They provide an opportunity for us to use our read aloud time for comprehension practice.  After a lot of modeling and practice together, our kiddos can work on their journals independently and do a great job!  

You'll have to check them out for your classroom...

We are working hard to get ready for our Student Led Conferences (which we call a Learning Celebration).  We have been putting portfolios together, getting games prepared, completing projects to show to all the families, etc!  You can read all about our Learning Celebration HERE!  

This week we started our End of Year assessments.  This entailed a lot of time on the iPad and sitting!  We are worn out!  Does anyone else think testing wears them out more than teaching?!

Have a nice weekend!

Mentor Text 5.11.14

Happy Sunday!  It's time to link up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky.  This week the theme is Math. We are getting ready to start our data unit in math.  We are looking forward to reading Lemonade for Sale to compliment our graphing lessons.  This book is about a group of kids that have a lemonade stand and they track their earnings with a bar graph.  Although the money and graphing part of the story are geared towards a bit older kids, we know ours will still love it and we can show them the general gist of a bar graph.  This book would also be good for an economics unit for younger and older students alike.  

We are looking forward to using our Summer Math Bags soon; they contain many measurement and data activities with a summer theme.   We have Summer Math Bags for KG, 1st, and 2nd (all of which address measurement and data concepts) if you're in the need for something new and fun in your classroom!

We have a FREEBIE graphing mini packet available for students to put their graphing skills to good use; all with a summer theme.  Click HERE to download. :)

Last, but not least, for one more day we have our End of the Year Superlative Awards listed for free.  Tomorrow they go back to a paid product!  This packet contains over 30 awards sure to make your kiddos feel great about their school year!  Make sure to grab them while they're free!

Have a great day!

Five for Friday 5.9.14

It's Friday…time to take a peek at our week!

We sure enjoyed Teacher Appreciation Week! Our kiddos spoiled us with cards, school supplies, treats, and more!  

Look at this fun poster one of our room moms made, isn't it clever?!

We are still working on Questioning.  This week we discussed Thick vs. Thin questions.  Our kiddos enjoyed using "Thick Question Cards" in their Daily 5 buckets; especially when they worked with a partner!

It's measurement time in Math!  Like many of you we focus on non standard units of measurement.

Our students used inch worms to measure a variety of objects that we had put in bags ahead of time...
The inch worm measurement freebie can be found HERE.

Our students also used dog bones to measure pictures hanging around the room based on the book, Measuring Penny (which is SUPER!)…

The dog bone freebie can be found over at School Is a Happy Place (HERE).  

  A sweet friend at my previous school taught me to make these cute little flowers for Mother's Day and I've made them with my class ever since.  

They also answer questions about their moms:

We are starting to get our End of the Year Fun stuff ready!  This packet has over 20 fun activities (Reading, Writing, Language, and Math) that will keep your kiddos engaged and provide great review of 1st grade skills. 

Speaking of end of the year,  we made this quick freebie for you to use with your kiddos to reflect on this year and prepare for summer! Click HERE to get your copy!

Enjoy your weekend!

P.S.  We are the bloggers today over at Who's Who and Who's New blog…check it out!

Mentor Text 5.4.14

We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text linky.  This week the theme is Language Arts.  We wanted to share the book, Once There Was a Bull (Frog).  This book is a cute story about a frog searching for his lost hop.  Along the way he meets a "lady(bug)," "hedge(hog)," a "cow(boy)," and more!  The wordplay in this book makes for a very interesting and fun read aloud.  It is GREAT for a lesson about compound words.

  After reading this book, our kiddos make these fun flip books.  They are so easy to make and they always turn out cute!

Enjoy your Sunday!