Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #3!}

Day 3…thanks for joining us!

Today we are adding our third freebie:
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE using these Emergent Reading Passages in the classroom so much we decided to make some Winter themed ones and share them with you!   Our kiddos love grabbing their highlighters when we pull out these passages!  We love seeing how easily our kiddos can access these easier leveled passages to work on the skill of using evidence from text.  Depending on the needs and abilities of your kiddos, you can use these passages in several ways: small group, whole group, independent work, and/or as an assessment tool.
Hope you are ready to have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!  

Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #2!}

Day 2!

Today the freebie we are adding to our store is our:

Junie B. Jones "Book Buddy!"  

This no prep packet contains multiple graphic organizers (6 of them!!) that you can use with ANY Junie B. Jones book!  They would be a fun whole group, small group, or independent task.   


A sneak peek:

ENJOY and see you tomorrow!!

Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #1!}

Hello there! 

We wanted to celebrate the holidays with several new freebies in our store! 

Up first…

We designed this freebie as a tool for students to practice Story Elements.  Included in this packet is a booklet and a bookmark; a color version and a black and white version (that your kiddos can color).  These both contain a poem.  The poem was written with color words so that students can use beads to “retell” the story; kiddos touch each bead as they are telling that Story Element.  The beads can be used in bracelet form or attached to the bookmark on a string or pipe cleaner.  CLICK HERE to grab it!

We hope your kiddos enjoy this as much as ours do!

Join us tomorrow…3 days. 3 freebies.

We made it! Happy Holidays!

Hi there!  We made it…winter break is officially here! Here's what we were up to as we finished our last week before break:
1. We gave our kiddos their own clipboards as their Christmas gift!  They are always a hit!  After getting their clipboards, many kiddos write us thank you notes using it - so cute!  We also have many parents email telling us how much their kiddos LOVE the clipboards - this year a parent said it even motivated her kiddos to get his homework done right away!
2. We found this really neat wrapping paper from Joann's that the kiddos could color themselves.  They were occupied for quite some time!  We used it to wrap our parent gifts.
3. We are all ready to start our Non Fiction Unit when we return in the new year!
4.  We're planning to gift you with some fun freebies this coming week!  See more below!

We will have 3 exciting freebies for you to try out in your classrooms!  Join us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!


Busy week here for us!  December is a month where every minute is accounted for!  Getting all of our work done and staying somewhat controlled is a big task.  Here's a peek at our week (join us on IG and link up with #foursquarefridays):

1.  St. Nick came by to bring the kiddos goodies!  They left their shoes out and were so happy to find special treats (yay for hot chocolate and no homework coupons!).  They also loved that they got to wear their slippers in the classroom!

2.  We have a new FREEBIE on our FB page!  Head on over for our Winter "Grab a Game" pack.  Fun and teacher / student friendly!  The games only require dice and a marker!

3.  Our curriculum includes teaching celebrations.  We discuss celebrations of all kinds, not just holidays, but also traditions such as birthdays, loosing teeth, weddings, etc.  It's fun to hear the kiddos share about all the neat ways their families celebrate.  Click HERE to get a set of 4 celebration journal prompts. 

4. Are you one of our TpT followers?  If not, make sure to be!  Each month we send a Buddy Bonus, which is a freebie for you to use in your classroom.  We did a fun "How To" project that will coming your way as TpT followers! 

Have a great weekend!