#foursquarefridays {1.30.15}

Hello!  Hope you had a great week!  
Here's a peek into our week {share about your week with #foursquarefridays}:

1.  Our kiddos are loving "All About" writing!  Our first "All About" topic was First Grade…this way each student "knew" a lot about the topic!  We love how detailed the kiddos were in their illustrations!

Our "All About" books contain a Table of Contents, a Diagram, a How To page, and 2 Fun Facts pages.  If you'd like a FREE copy, grab it HERE!!!

2.  We are proud of our students on their Rainbow Math!!!  They are excited to move through the colors of the rainbow while learning their addition facts!  

3.  Shapes, Shapes, Shapes!  This week we continued our work with shapes; 2D at this point.  We also started working on composite shapes.  

We've been using our Shapebot Shapes pack:

  We love having easy printables and activities for our students to practice shapes!  
(Love how the kiddo that was describing the circle in the first picture wrote "sea green" as a non defining attribute!)

4.  We are finishing up our Nonfiction unit.  This week we've been working hard on Nonfiction Text Features.  We loved using Andrea Knight's "Nonfiction Text Features and Me" booklets; they really helped our kiddos grasp the concept!

In the first picture, the caption is "I have a sister, she is sometimes mean but today she is going to be nice." Gotta love it!

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#foursquarefridays {1.23.15} and a NEW PRODUCT!!

TGIF Everyone!

It's been a fast week for us!  We had Monday and Tuesday off which meant our Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday were jam packed!  

Here's a peek at our week:

1.  We are so excited about our newest product, "Math Bags TO GO!"  Math Bags are one of our best sellers (and favorite product to use in our own classrooms).  We had many requests for recording sheets for the Math Bags  (Math Bags are "paperless," only requiring the sorting cards, etc).  We decided to give them a try, thus Math Bags TO GO came about.  Math Bags TO GO contain recording sheets / worksheets for each of the Math Bags in the Complete Sets.  They are made to look identical to the Math Bag activities…same problems, same wording, same directions!  They can be used with Math Bags but also can be used as an assessment tool, for whole group / small group instruction, homework, etc.!  We feel they are versatile.
Check them out!!  Here is a FREE Sampler of each grade level!
KG Math Bags TO GO coming soon!
1st Grade Math Bags TO GO:
2nd Grade Math Bags TO GO:

To see how Math Bags TO GO compliment the Original Math Bag centers, check out this FREE Sample!

2.  We learned about MLK Jr. this week. We always love the sweet things the kiddos say about MLK and his dream for our world. 

3.  Our kiddos our loving our shape unit.  One of the fun things we have them do is make a "Shape Creation" using pattern blocks. 

4.  We are wrapping up our TRC's and continuing to work on Nonfiction.  Our kiddos enjoy reading Nonfiction so much.  It's neat to hear them talk about the facts they have learned with their friends.  

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It's our 2 Year Anniversary! #foursquarefridays {1/16/15}

We are celebrating 2 great years as bloggers and TpTer's!  It's been a great 2 years meeting so many other teachers!  To thank you, we are giving away a $50 gift certificate for an Erin Condren planner!!

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This week:
1.  We finished up our Time unit!  We added our Print a Standard for Telling Time {hour and half hour} packet to our store.  We are loving how versatile the Print a Standard packets are; they have been great for whole group and small group instruction.  

2.  Balance and Motion was our Science unit this quarter.  Today we worked together on many experiments, for both balance and motion.  The kiddos kept track of their learning with these fun booklets.  If you'd like a copy, click HERE.

Here's another Balance and Motion FREEBIE we posted last year!  Grab it HERE.

3.  We were busy working on our TRC's this week.  We aren't quite done, but we made good progress!  

4.  Make sure to enter our 2 year Anniversary giveaway!
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#foursquarefridays {1/9/15}....T.G.I.F! (freebie included!)

Hello!  We hope you had a nice week back after break.  We had a productive week and we are definitely ready for a nap this weekend!  

Each Friday we share about our week on IG with a weekly linky called #FOURSQUAREFRIDAYS. You should join us!  This is what our week looked like:

1.  Our kiddos enjoyed writing goals for 2015.  This flip book activity was nice because it allowed the students to make goals for each part of their life (my goal for home, my goal for school, my goal for friendships, my goal for healthy living).  Under each number is a goal and a picture.  

-My goal for home:  I hope to go to bed earlier.
-My goal for school:  I hope to do math better.
-My goal for friendships:  I hope to be a better friend.  I want to listen to my friend.
-My goal for healthy living:  I hope to eat more veggies.  

2.  Our kiddos are enjoying our new unit on time.  We are practicing time using our packet, "Party Time."  

Party Time includes 5 fun activities for your students to practice telling time to the hour and half hour.  

3.  Our reading groups this week have been focused on text evidence this week.  We used THIS FREEBIE, which contains winter based passages.  We are so pleased with how our students are starting to "get it" when it comes to finding answers in the text! 

4.  After break we also started a new unit on Nonfiction Text.  To start off, we reviewed the differences between fiction and nonfiction text.  If you'd like a FREEBIE to work on comparing and contrasting fiction and nonfiction CLICK HERE to download the packet below. 

This packet contains multiple activities, including printables, as well as, a Read the Room / Scoot activity and header cards to use for sorting or an anchor chart.  

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