Good Readers Tackle the Tricky Parts

We've just wrapped up our Reading Unit, "Tackling the Tricky Parts" unit.  We worked on strategies we can use to help our reading be more accurate and fluent.  We started to get ready to be Word Detectives by reading Detective LaRue.

Before we dug into the each strategy, we wanted to see what the kiddos already knew about working out the tricky words in their text.  

We used this cute book as an example of using picture clues to help with tricky words.  We covered up some words and kiddos had to use the picture to help figure out the word.

This page was a good one with the maracas!  The kiddos thought it was either shakers or shadow.  We kept showing one more letter at a time and when we got to the "d" they knew it was shadow!

Next, the kiddos do their own work to find the highlighted work by using picture clues!

Our kiddos loved using the magnifying glasses to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out their words sound by sound.  You can grab your own FREE copy of this activity below!
Our kiddos loved playing word detectives for this activity!  First they thought about words that could fit: slow, sloppy, sleepy...Then we revealed letter by letter as they worked to find the best fitting word.

This was another fun activity for our kiddos to use their word detective skills.  When they first started to figure out the covered word, some used their schema to guess chase because they often see that relationship between dogs and cats.

Here are the header cards we used to keep track of the strategies we had learned for tricky parts.

We wrapped up our unit with two different writing responses.  First, we gave kiddos a scenario and they had got to be the teacher and tell what the student should do to get past the tricky part.  They LOVED it!

We also did this prompt with the Important Thing about Accuracy and Fluency.

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Now, send home one of our SPARK bags to help inform your parents of these new skills you've learned!  (and help kiddos practice more at home too!)

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C is for Coach... Freebie Literacy Coaching Printables

C is for Coach:
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C is for Collaboration:  
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