It's a Celebration!! A Learning Celebration!

This was a BIG and BUSY week for us!!  This year was the 2nd time we've held a Learning Celebration for our kiddos and their families.  We began our Learning Celebrations as a way for our kiddos to show off their hard work and discuss the learning that has taken place throughout the year with their families.  We modeled our idea after Student Led Conferences.  However, we hold them in group settings so it helps to save time at the end of the year!  We wanted to show you how it all works, as we know teachers are always looking for different ways to help students and their families connect.  
We send home invitations offering 2 different dates and time options for our families.  In the classroom we get to work preparing materials, setting our agenda, and have the kiddos practice going through their work.  Here's the order we use and pic of our kiddos "practicing."

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This year and last, we've had many parents express great appreciation for the opportunity to see their students "shine!"  The kiddos LOVE the chance to show off their hard work!

Thanks for checking out our special celebration!