Curriculum Night

Just this week we had our Curriculum Night with parents.  In our district, Curriculum Night is a time for parents to come to the classroom and find out about routines, procedures, and curriculum in the classroom.  Kiddos do not come.  We're always looking for ways to best give parents a peek into the curriculum in a way they can understand.  After years of just telling parents about it, we made a new handout to give instead.  

In our handout, we provided clear information as well as pictures of curriculum tools.  We wanted parents to really get a "glimpse" into the 1st grade classroom!  The handout also allows the parents a tool to take home with them to dive into more late.

We've found using this handout helps to limit the amount of talking we do and allow parents more time to consider the curriculum and ask specific questions.  The night is much more relax having an open dialogue format such as this!  

We are sharing this handout as an Editable Download (PowerPoint Version).  You can enter your own classroom information.  You can also add slides or remove slides as you like.  Hope you can find it useful in your classroom as well!  Click here to grab it!

   Some of the other goodies from Curriculum Night:
We talk about our homework.  We lay out samples of our homework items on each table for parents to peek at.  We review how to record fluency in the reading homework and how to respond to their kiddo's responses in the writing journal.  It is sure nice to clear up parents questions before we start sending this stuff home!

Here are some handouts we use to encourage parents to work at home with kiddos.  We also have parent write a note to their kiddos.  The kids are always surprised to find them when they come to school the next day!