Classroom Simplified: Freebies for Your Classroom

Teaching in a year-round school, you have very little time (think 1 week!!) to get your room set up and ready for the next school year.  It is key to have things that are simple to prepare and hang up in order to get everything done in time!  We thought a couple of these things might help you too!

Schedule Cards (Top Right Photo):
These simple schedule cards allow students to see a simple symbol to know what we are currently working on and what is coming next.  Print on your favorite color of card stock and post!!  Grab them from our store free HERE!

Learning Target Cards (Middle Left Photo):
Do you use Learning Targets?  If so, these Learning Target header cards are simple, but draw attention to the Learning Targets you work hard to create!  Grab them from our store free HERE!

We also wanted a simplified approach to our Daily 5 systems.  

Using symbol icons for each of the Daily 5 tasks to create anchor charts, the Daily 5 rotation board, and Daily 5 student recording sheets allows for students to quickly identify their Daily 5 jobs and provides a cohesive look in all the Daily 5 things we are doing!  

Grab the above FREE D5 items from Google Drive HERE

We hope your upcoming school year is your best yet!