Let's Teach Place Value!

Teaching Place Value?  Here are several activities we do with our Place Value Unit to get the kiddos up and moving!  We start by doing the activities whole group, with kiddos rotating around the room in partner pairs.  Then, we add the activities to our math center shelf for the kiddos to pull out later for review.


We love to use Place Value names to open our Place Value Unit!  Check for it here on Pinterest!

We start with reinforcement of the ten frame and how it represents numbers and helps us count quickly.  Partners rotate around the room and use classroom goodies to display the number shown on the ten frame mat.

Continuing with ten frames, kiddos determine the total shown on these ten frame mats. 

 In this activity, students are using the ten frame tool to determine the number of objects in the bag.  We filled bags with no more than 19 goodies from the classroom.  Partners fill the ten frame and put any remaining items in the "leftover(s)" spot.  

Partners work with larger numbers using this ten frame mat and zip bags filled with a great amount of objects from the classroom.

Grab the templates for all of these Place Value activities for FREE!  Click HERE! 

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