Hi Buddies! We are glad you're here!

Hi Buddies!  We are glad you're here!

We are excited to have a new look for First Grade Buddies!  We wanted to give our blog a refresh but also wanted to make the blog easier for our readers.   Thanks to A.Hughes Design for helping us achieve this!

We've acquired many new buddies lately; so we thought it would be nice to introduce ourselves!

We are Tamra + Sarah.  We are educators + friends.  

When we started FGB in 2013, our goal was to create, implement, and share ideas with other educators.  We started FGB around the time Common Core was introduced.  We were being asked to teach Common Core, but didn't have many materials to use.  We had a very similar approach to teaching and decided we could team up to make things for our own classrooms and then decided to share them with other teachers.  

When we create products, our main goal is that it is both teacher friendly + meaningful for students.  

We continue to create products, but we have also ventured out into the webinar world; we have held a couple of online workshops and are in the midst of planning a few more as we speak.  

With all this said; we would love to know:

What blog posts would you love to read?

What online workshops would you love to listen to / participate in?

What products would you love to see added to our store?

Do you have any questions for us?

Thank you for following us along on this adventure!


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