Good Readers Use Tools

Engage your readers!  Come learn more about the many 'tools' we have to help kiddos be Good Readers!  Have your readers start their own collection of tools today!

Over the years we've worked together, we've made many 'tool' for our kiddos to use while they are reading.  We like to use these 'tools' as a way to keep reading interactive for our primary learners!  In the classroom, we call our kiddos 'Good Readers' and show them ways they can be successful in decoding words, building fluency, and comprehending the texts they read and listen to in the classroom.
SO...what are 'tools' for Good Readers?  
Our 'tools' are paper cutouts with clues to help students work on a comprehension skill or task.  When it's time to introduce a tool, we always start with a whole group lesson and model using the tool ourselves for a week.  After some time modeling the tool ourselves, we give the kiddos their own hand held, kid-sized tool so they can model with us in whole group!  After practicing together for a bit, students add their tools to their plastic envelope (shown above) and are encouraged to use them during reading times in the classroom.  We even have kiddos bring their plastic envelope to small group reading sessions.

How can you get these 'tools' for your classroom?
Several tools are FREE in our TpT store!  These tools are included in our video workshop: Interactive Reading in the Primary Grades.  To find out more about each tool and grab the template to make your own class sets, watch the video and download the Supporting Documents file.

Ready to Make Your Own Set of Envelopes?
We printed the Good Reader sign on colored cardstock, then used packing tape to tape the sign on the front of the envelopes.  To glue the Googly Eyes on, we used Gorilla Glue gel (just a little bit words great)!

These envelopes are perfect size and have a velcro closure.
If you want to get them from a craft store, find the eyes that are 18mm.
Links to More Good Reader Tools Coming Soon!