Five for Friday : Black Friday Edition!
Happy Friday!  We weren't sure whether or not Five for Friday would be linked up today, but it is one of the favorite parts of the week, so we're sharing anyways! 

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During our 2 days of school this week, we took time to celebrate being thankful with our kiddos!  First we had a "Thankful Show and Tell" where kiddos brought in a small something to represent what they were thankful for.  We made a word splash with and below is the result.  It was so neat to see how big the words "family" and "books" were....we had lots of kiddos who were thankful for those!

We also had our kiddos get together to do some buddy reading with Fall books.  They had a great time together and enjoyed having a sweet treat while they read!

For several weeks we have been practicing written responses with our guided reading books.  However, we saw our kiddos still needed some reinforcement with this skill.  Especially with the need to show evidence and proof from text to support their answer.  This is now a requirement for our running records, so it is important our kiddos become skilled with this practice!  We made a new pack of reading passages as an additional resource for our kiddos to work on written responses with text evidence.  We scaffolded the passages to start with lots of support to help kiddos form their response, then the support lessens until kiddos respond independently.  We are really excited to start using these in the classroom!  You can grab it here in our TpT store for a special price of $5...TODAY only!
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Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Happy Thanksgiving!!  We are thankful to be spending some time relaxing and enjoying the company of our families!  Hope you all are having a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!  We're also resting up for our Black Friday sales tomorrow.  We'll have our top products for 50% off!!  Follow us on FB to see what time each product is on sale.

Until tomorrow, we leave you with a review of a great product we've been lucky to use in the classroom!
Hello there!  We would like to show you a great product that we have been using in our classrooms, Addition and Subtraction Strategy Sort Bundle, that was created by Nikki Sabiston at Teaching In Progress.    

In first grade we teach addition and subtraction throughout the entire year.  It is something we work on day in and day out.  We teach strategies that help the students add and subtract, but it seems that we always do this as we are teaching a lesson; using the actual problems we are trying to solve at the time, rather than taking a look at a set of equations and determining which strategy we should use to solve them.   This is why we really like Nikki's Addition and Strategy Sort packet.  

Let's start with the strategy cards.  They are pleasing to the eye and are very kid friendly.  The language  and graphics paint a very clear picture for the kiddos about what the strategy is and how they can use it.  Included in the pack are strategy cards for Addition and Subtraction.  Both sets of cards can be printed in full or half sheet sizes (which is an added perk - less ink!).  

 Addition and Subtraction sorting cards are included.  The sorting cards contain addition and subtraction problems and the students decide which strategy is best to use to solve that equation.  We did this activity a couple of different ways:

On an Anchor Chart (whole group):

With a Pocket Chart (independent / small group center):

Our kiddos loved this; both ways!  The conversations that came out of the sorting was wonderful, it's always great to hear kids explain their thinking; especially with math!

Students also had the chance to sort addition and subtraction problems by cutting out equations and gluing them under the correct strategy.  This served as a wonderful independent activity to check for understanding.  

Overall, we were very pleased with this product and know it is something we will use time and time again.  Grab this along with LOTS of other great packs from this Educents Bundle:

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Love a Bargain?

We've both got memories of heading out early in the morning on Black Friday with our moms and sisters to grab some great bargains and start Christmas shopping!  What do you do on Black Friday?  Are you out grabbing good deals or do you prefer to skip the madness all together...and maybe shop online ;) ?  This year, whether you go out shopping or stay home join us for some great deals.  See below the products featured in our Black Friday Sale.

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Mentor Text {11.24.13}

Good Morning!  We are linking up with Collaboration Cuties for their Mentor Text Linky.  This week the theme is Social Studies.  This month while looking at the library for Thanksgiving text, I was so excited to find Thank You Sarah, The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving.  I had never seen it or read it before but LOVED it.  Our kiddos did too!  The greatest part about this book is that it covered 3 concepts we are currently discussing: 1.  persuasive writing  2.  character traits  3.  Thanksgiving.  The book is about a girl named Sarah, who convinces the president to save Thanksgiving. She is persistent, writing letters to anyone and everyone who would listen (it took her 37 years!).  Each time someone said, "no," she waited for the next person to persuade.  The book makes many references to Sarah's character; she is smart, stubborn, etc.  This is done in a repetitive way, so at the end of the book even our younger kiddos understand Sarah's character.  The illustrations in this book are eye catching and fun.  I know your kiddos would like this as much as ours!  

On the topic of Thanksgiving, click here for a freebie; our "My Thankful Family" mini book. 

Enjoy your short week and Happy Thanksgiving! 

Educents Deal!

Love the idea of bundles with LOTS of goodies?!  Check out this new Educents bundle filled with great bestsellers from 1st and 2nd grade classrooms!

Very excited to be a part of the bundle with Educents!  I know you will love our Monster Grammar Pack!  This pack is filled with resources to teach a range of grammar skills, including:
- Nouns (proper nouns, possessive nouns, singular/plural nouns)
- Verbs
- Adjectives
- Pronouns and Indefinite Pronouns
- Verb Tenses
- Conjunctions
- Determiners
- Prepositions
- Sentence Types (declarative, interrogative, imperative, exclamatory) 
Each skill has a sorting activity and printables for individual student work.

Here are a few glimpses of our Monster Grammar Pack in the classroom:

There are many other products in our bundle to get your kids learning!  
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Five for Friday 11.22.13

It's FRIDAY!!!

Here's a peek at our week!

This was our last week to work on Connections.  We focused on Connecting with Characters.  We read several of the Frog and Toad books, which the kiddos loved!  They enjoyed hearing about their adventures!  We talked about the importance of thinking about the actions, feelings, and thoughts of characters in the books we read.  To practice this, we gave students pictures from a Frog and Toad book and had them write what they thought the character's feelings were based on the illustration and the things that they know about the characters in general.  This lesson worked out very well.  

"Toad get out of bed, it's Spring!"

"Come on Toad, let's play Toad!" 

We also compared and contrasted Frog and Toad in efforts to connect with the characters more.  We used a "top hat" graphic organizer.  If you'd like a free copy of this activity, click here

If you have any ideas to share about Connections, join us below!  

You can tell it's almost Thanksgiving around here for sure!  This week we worked on "Number Representation Turkeys."  Students were assigned a number and they represented the number a variety of ways on the feathers.   They turned out very cute.  

We also made a Thanksgiving quilt.  Each student wrote what they were thankful for on their quilt square.

We continued our work with Opinion Writing this week.  After reading the book Spoon (which is ADORABLE), the students wrote an opinion piece about which piece of silverware they'd want to be and why.  They turned out so cute.  To learn more about the book Spoon and to get a free copy of this activity, click here.  

"I'd be chopsticks because you can make a kabob and you can pick up things to eat."

"I'd be a fork because you can pick up steak and I can stab macaroni and cheese."

Last but not least…a sale announcement!  Join us next Friday for a Black Friday event!  Make sure to "friend" us on Facebook to get all the information you'll need!

Have a super weekend and Happy Thanksgiving (a few days early!)