Addition and Subtraction Strategies

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Until tomorrow, we leave you with a review of a great product we've been lucky to use in the classroom!
Hello there!  We would like to show you a great product that we have been using in our classrooms, Addition and Subtraction Strategy Sort Bundle, that was created by Nikki Sabiston at Teaching In Progress.    

In first grade we teach addition and subtraction throughout the entire year.  It is something we work on day in and day out.  We teach strategies that help the students add and subtract, but it seems that we always do this as we are teaching a lesson; using the actual problems we are trying to solve at the time, rather than taking a look at a set of equations and determining which strategy we should use to solve them.   This is why we really like Nikki's Addition and Strategy Sort packet.  

Let's start with the strategy cards.  They are pleasing to the eye and are very kid friendly.  The language  and graphics paint a very clear picture for the kiddos about what the strategy is and how they can use it.  Included in the pack are strategy cards for Addition and Subtraction.  Both sets of cards can be printed in full or half sheet sizes (which is an added perk - less ink!).  

 Addition and Subtraction sorting cards are included.  The sorting cards contain addition and subtraction problems and the students decide which strategy is best to use to solve that equation.  We did this activity a couple of different ways:

On an Anchor Chart (whole group):

With a Pocket Chart (independent / small group center):

Our kiddos loved this; both ways!  The conversations that came out of the sorting was wonderful, it's always great to hear kids explain their thinking; especially with math!

Students also had the chance to sort addition and subtraction problems by cutting out equations and gluing them under the correct strategy.  This served as a wonderful independent activity to check for understanding.  

Overall, we were very pleased with this product and know it is something we will use time and time again.  Grab this along with LOTS of other great packs from this Educents Bundle:

And now is the best time to buy!!