One Month In!!

Well we're a bit over one month in with our kiddos and are so glad to be settling into routines in our classroom.  This week, we'll have Daily 5 in full swing and we will finally be able to pull reading groups!  We always forget how long it takes to establish these routines at the beginning of the year, but we know taking time to do so pays off in the long run!  We've also gotten our homework packets going home and have great response from parents!  Here's a closer peek at them...

 Each Monday our kiddos get a bag with their homework packet and writing journal.  It goes home for the week and is due back on Friday.

 First page is a math review sheet.  We've included a task from each of the Common Core Math Strands.

Here's a peek inside the packet where kiddos practice fluency, reading comprehension, and language tasks.  There are 3 differentiated reading passages we assign based on reading levels.

Look at this GREAT improvement in fluency!  This kiddo was working hard!

Next up in our homework bag is the Family Message Journal.  Kiddos practice writing at home with their families.  We are encourage families to help our kiddos support their ideas in their writing as they respond to prompts.

Next, a family member responds to the prompt as well.  This kiddo had his sister (in high school) respond!  We love getting the families involved!

Here's where you can grab these tools for homework!

Some love we've gotten about the homework pack:

And we've got a freebie with a sample of the homework booklet we send home!  You can see the math page, 3 differentiated reading passages, and the reading response page!

How do you assign homework in your classroom?