Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year {a freebie…and a sale!}

Happy New Year!  We wish all of our "buddies" a wonderful 2015!  
Thank you for all of your support in 2014!

We had our kiddos work on this quick activity last year on our first day back from winter break; they turned out really cute!  If you'd like a FREE copy for this year, click here!!

Join our store for a New Year sale!

Enjoy your remaining days off!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #3!}

Day 3…thanks for joining us!

Today we are adding our third freebie:
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE using these Emergent Reading Passages in the classroom so much we decided to make some Winter themed ones and share them with you!   Our kiddos love grabbing their highlighters when we pull out these passages!  We love seeing how easily our kiddos can access these easier leveled passages to work on the skill of using evidence from text.  Depending on the needs and abilities of your kiddos, you can use these passages in several ways: small group, whole group, independent work, and/or as an assessment tool.
Hope you are ready to have a very Merry Christmas tomorrow!  

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #2!}

Day 2!

Today the freebie we are adding to our store is our:

Junie B. Jones "Book Buddy!"  

This no prep packet contains multiple graphic organizers (6 of them!!) that you can use with ANY Junie B. Jones book!  They would be a fun whole group, small group, or independent task.

A sneak peek:

ENJOY and see you tomorrow!!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Holidays {FREEBIE #1!}

Hello there! 

We wanted to celebrate the holidays with several new freebies in our store! 

Up first…

We designed this freebie as a tool for students to practice Story Elements.  Included in this packet is a booklet and a bookmark; a color version and a black and white version (that your kiddos can color).  These both contain a poem.  The poem was written with color words so that students can use beads to “retell” the story; kiddos touch each bead as they are telling that Story Element.  The beads can be used in bracelet form or attached to the bookmark on a string or pipe cleaner.  CLICK HERE to grab it!

We hope your kiddos enjoy this as much as ours do!

Join us tomorrow…3 days. 3 freebies.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

We made it! Happy Holidays!

Hi there!  We made it…winter break is officially here! Here's what we were up to as we finished our last week before break:
1. We gave our kiddos their own clipboards as their Christmas gift!  They are always a hit!  After getting their clipboards, many kiddos write us thank you notes using it - so cute!  We also have many parents email telling us how much their kiddos LOVE the clipboards - this year a parent said it even motivated her kiddos to get his homework done right away!
2. We found this really neat wrapping paper from Joann's that the kiddos could color themselves.  They were occupied for quite some time!  We used it to wrap our parent gifts.
3. We are all ready to start our Non Fiction Unit when we return in the new year!
4.  We're planning to gift you with some fun freebies this coming week!  See more below!

We will have 3 exciting freebies for you to try out in your classrooms!  Join us Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday!

Friday, December 5, 2014


Busy week here for us!  December is a month where every minute is accounted for!  Getting all of our work done and staying somewhat controlled is a big task.  Here's a peek at our week (join us on IG and link up with #foursquarefridays):

1.  St. Nick came by to bring the kiddos goodies!  They left their shoes out and were so happy to find special treats (yay for hot chocolate and no homework coupons!).  They also loved that they got to wear their slippers in the classroom!

2.  We have a new FREEBIE on our FB page!  Head on over for our Winter "Grab a Game" pack.  Fun and teacher / student friendly!  The games only require dice and a marker!

3.  Our curriculum includes teaching celebrations.  We discuss celebrations of all kinds, not just holidays, but also traditions such as birthdays, loosing teeth, weddings, etc.  It's fun to hear the kiddos share about all the neat ways their families celebrate.  Click HERE to get a set of 4 celebration journal prompts. 

4. Are you one of our TpT followers?  If not, make sure to be!  Each month we send a Buddy Bonus, which is a freebie for you to use in your classroom.  We did a fun "How To" project that will coming your way as TpT followers! 

Have a great weekend! 

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Currently {Freebie Included!}

Hello there!  We are linking up with O'Farley for December Currently!  



Freebie Time!

To get a FREE copy of the Secret Winter Pal clue cards, Click HERE.

Have a great week! 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Black Friday is Just Around the Corner!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

Black Friday is 1 week away!  First Grade Buddies will be throwing a sale that day…we will have BIG DISCOUNTS on our most popular products!  

Here's a sneak peek at the products that will be discounted:

Here's what we were up to this week (join us at #FOURSQUAREFRIDAYS):

We made "My Thankful Family" books!  If you want a FREE copy, click HERE!
"My sister is thankful for her friends, her family, her freedom, our veterans."

Our kiddos are enjoying our Print a Standard activities for each of the CC standards.  This week we were working on NBT.3, Comparing Numbers.  We like how there is a variety of coloring, cutting, sorting, and spinner activities included.  


One of our favorite Opinion Writing books is a Fine, Fine School. It's such a cute book.  Our kiddos wrote their opinion using THIS graphic organizer (it's FREE!)

Have a nice weekend!  See you next Friday! :)

Friday, November 14, 2014

#foursquarefridays {11/14/14}

Hello there!  We have had a busy week!  

We loved how our number representation turkeys turned out!  Our students enjoyed showing their "secret number" multiple ways!

Have you ever read the book, Spoon?  If not…make sure you do!  It is SO CUTE!  We like using it to introduce opinion writing.  This week the kiddos answered the prompt, "If you were a piece of silverware, which piece would you be and why?"  There were clever responses (as you can imagine).  If you'd like to try this out in your class, CLICK HERE, for a free copy!

"I want to be a knife.  I want to cut cake.  I can smear stuff."

We finished up our adjectives unit this week.  The kiddos enjoyed drawing their self portraits and using adjectives to describe themselves.  We love using our Monster Grammar unit to teach all of the first grade Common Core grammar concepts.  

Last, but not least, our kiddos have worked hard on their Prove Yourself journal prompts.  We use our Math Prove Yourself and ELA Prove Yourself packets to encourage our students to explain their thinking and provide evidence in a fun way. 

This is one prompt, "7 ten sticks and 8 cubes equal 87," answered 2 ways:
Top:  "I think this is false because it is switched around."
Bottom:  "I think this is false because 7 tens and 8 ones equals 78 not 87."

A few ELA examples:
The prompt was, "Which is best, a pen or pencil?"
"I think a pencil is best because you can erase and with a pen you can not erase."

The prompt was, "Which is best, a wagon or a bike?"
"I think a wagon is best because you can carry stuff, you can carry your kids, you can deliver pizza."

Providing evidence is so important and a hard skill, we love having a fun way to practice it! 


Want to give these a try?  Check out this FREEBIE Sample!

Have a great weekend!  

Saturday, November 8, 2014

#foursquarefridays {11/7/14}

Hi there!  Hope you've all had a great week!  Below is a peek at what we were up to this past week.

We had fun with the Zero the Hero craftivity from Becca at Foxwell Forest.  We used him to celebrate our 50th day of school.  It also fit in well with our place value unit!  We started our unit on "Connecting with Characters."  We love using Mean Jean!!  She is such a strong character to talk about and the kids relate well to her.  Plus, this book is great for teaching Character Change.  You can grab the freebie we used below!

On Friday, our school had it's annual Veteran's Day Assembly.  This is a great event where Veterans related to kids and from the community are invited to come to our school to be honored for their service.  It is always a wonderful experience.  We also have the kiddos write letters to the soldier to display in the hallways.  You can grab our letter temple below.

Another thing we've been loving in the classroom are our new Emergent Text Evidence Passages!  We love how easy these are to merge into our Guided Reading Groups!  They meet the needs of so many of our readers right now so they can practice this important skill!
We offered the passage below as a freebie sample!
If you LOVE these passages as much as we do, come check them out!!  And here's another little secret....we've sending out a small set of Fall passages at a "Buddy Bonus" to our TpT followers this weekend!  Be sure to follow our store!

Have a great weekend!