Simple Science: Making Ice Grow

Making Ice Experiment 
This is a winter experiment that is REALLY FUN to watch!  Setting up and conducting the experiment is pretty easy!  There's is just one detail that is tricky and time sensitive.  You'll have to plan a specific time to do this experiment, as you'll need to put a bottle of water in the freezer for exactly 2 hours and 45 minutes.  Read more about the specific details of the Growing Ice experiment, visit this blog post!
FIRST, plan the time you want to do this experiment!  Than place water bottle in a freezer laying down like the picture.  You probably should put several extra bottles in the freezer.  If any of the bottles have frozen water, the experiment will not work.  It just needs to be VERY COLD water, but NOT FROZEN.....2 hours and 45 minutes is the exact timing.
Materials ready!  VERY COLD water bottles just out from the freezer and cups of ice.  The blue water bottle has food coloring!  This one was best to see the ice grow and the color looked neat!
We started with the clear water first.  It was a FAIL! :(  The water bottle had a frozen chunk.  When we poured the water, it just make ice water.
Fingers crossed the blue water would work better!  There were no frozen parts in this bottle, so we were hopeful!
And ta-da!  It worked!  It was so neat to see!  The ice would grow upward, then fall down.  We kept pouring and it would start to grow up again!  You can keep going over and over for a bit!  

Your kiddos will LOVE to watch the ice grow over and over!  Use the recording sheet below to have kiddos draw step by step how the ice grows!

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Here's the recording sheet we used!  Click the pic to download a copy!