Simple Science: Rotten Teeth

Rotten Teeth Experiment
Here's a fun experiment to just in time to squeeze in for Dental Health month!   With the 100th Day of School and Valentine's Day in February too, we're always fitting in Dental Health just at the end of the month!  Whew!  This experiment is a fun visual to show the damage of sugar sitting on our teeth and the importance of brushing our teeth daily!  Find more about this experiment here!
Materials ready!  You'll need to make some hard boiled eggs ahead of time for this experiment!  
 It's a fast set up, but takes time!  The eggs need to soak overnight in the soda.
After an overnight soak, we're ready to see what happened to our eggs!  Yuck!  This egg has turned brown from the soda!  Let's clean it up!
Wow!  Some good brushing with a toothbrush and toothpaste really cleans up this egg!  This is why we need to brush our teeth....especially after sugary treats!  This leads to some great observations and discussions about dental health!  What an amazing visual!
You can really see the difference between the brushed spot and the unbrushed spot on this egg!

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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!