Simple Science: Walking Rainbow

Walking Rainbow Experiment
More Rainbows for March!   This experiment is a super easy set up and gives a good opportunity for observation over time!  Kiddos will love this colorful experiment and be excited to see this fun way to mix colors!  Find more about this experiment here!
 Materials ready!
It was recommended to use select a size paper towels.  They are much easier to fold into the correct form!  And you only need 3 cups of colored water to start this experiment!
All set up and the colored water is already starting to absorb into the paper towels.  
More water is being absorbed!  This is a bit into the experiment...around a half hour.  So this is a slow experiment and great to observe!
Some colored water begins to fill an empty cup!  Wonder what color the colored waters will make when they mix in this cup?
Colors mixing!  It's making purple, green, and orange!
Wow!  It's really neat to look at the experiment from above!

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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!