Simple Science: Rainbow Coffee Filters

Rainbow Coffee Filter Experiment
This kicks off a month of Rainbow Experiments!  In March, we have a little leprechaun who comes to visit our classroom and remind us to be kind and work hard in the classroom.  The kiddos have fun keeping up with this guy as he hops around to new hiding spots in the classroom!  This year, the kiddos may just find him popping in on some fun Rainbow themed science experiments!  This experiment gives plenty of observation time as kiddos make a rainbow of colored coffee filters!  Find more about this experiment here!

 Material ready!  Kiddos will love working with the markers!
Draw a colored circle on 6 coffee filters using each color of the rainbow!
Fold the coffee filter.
Fold it again!  Now there is a tip on the coffee filter.
Put the coffee filter into a cup filled with just a bit of water.  Make sure only the tip of the coffee filter is touching the water.
All of the coffee filters have been added to the cups of water!
Now it's time to watch and observe!
It's a rainbow of colored coffee filters!  It's neat to see the way the colors 'walk' to the top of the filters!
Look!  Our class leprechaun popped in to see the experiment in action!  Find out more about having a leprechaun visit your classroom with our pack, Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf!

Want to pair this experiment with a book?  Try A Rainbow of My Own!
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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!

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