Simple Science: Color Changing Flowers

Color Changing Flowers Experiment
It is the time for planting and blooming and all things flowers! This classic experiment is a perfect addition to spring lesson plans!  And it is fun to leave out these flowers for several days and have a longer observation time!
Materials ready!  Plain white flowers (we used daisies), water, and food coloring.  We trimmed down the flowers to fit well into the cups.  Also, we tried using Neon food coloring for vibrant colors. 
We trimmed down the flowers so they fit well into the cups.  And now they are set!
After a night of sitting in the water, the flowers have begun to take on color!  The stems are taking the colored water up to the petals of the flower!
After 2 days of sitting in the colored water, the petals on each flower have turned colors.  The blue and pink colors worked very well.  The green and purple colors were not very bright.  
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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!