Simple Science: Colored Rubber Eggs

Colored Rainbow Eggs Experiment
Still have left over Easter eggs?  Turn them into rubber eggs!  The eggs go for a soak in vinegar for 2-3 days and the outer shell dissolves, leaving a rubber like skin that can bounce!  Find out more about this experiment here!
Materials ready!  You can make the eggs colored or plain!
Fill the cups with vinegar and get your eggs ready.
Add in the food coloring!  Here, we're doing some colored eggs and one plain egg to compare!
Gently add in the eggs and let them start soaking!  The eggs will soak for 48-72 hours!
Time to take the eggs out!  The colors are SO neat!  Make sure to GENTLY wash off the colored eggs so you don't get food coloring all over!  You can compare the colored eggs and the plain egg!
You can also compare a regular eggs to a rubber egg!

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Here's the recording sheet we used! Click the pic to download a copy!