Poetry Writing in the Primary Grades

Here's a fun way to get your kiddos to write poetry in a easy way!  Kiddos learn about how poems follow rules and patterns and work on writing their own poems!

You can grab these FREE poetry posters to use for lessons in writing poems!  We like to read poems from a few poetry books as an introduction to this type of writing.  Then, we pair these poem posters with the books!  We select on type of poem each day.  First, we model writing a poem together as a class.  Then, kiddos set off to write their own poems!
Check out the book on top!  Shout! Little Poems that Roar is a great collection of poetry to read to primary kiddos! Grab Shout! on Amazon! (affiliate link)
Poems about animals are great for kiddos!  They can easily relate to animals....and will think these poems are so funny! Grab Rumble in the Jungle on Amazon! (affiliate link) and Grab Bear Hugs too!
And this collection of poems about school is another great one for kiddos! Grab Lunch Money and Other Poems About School on Amazon! (affiliate link)

Let's Get Writing!
For added fun, we let the kiddos trace over their writing with colored pens and markers and add an illustration!  We also keep this writing time very casual!  We let kiddos work with partners and chat while they write their poems!
Great poems from our Harry Potter loving kiddo!

Now grab these poem cards for your classroom!