Simple Math Games to Practice Counting

Here are some simple counting games that are great for the beginning of the year and to do review!  The games are easy to prep and set up!

We like to send kiddos around the room in partner pairs to work to complete each of these number tasks or games. Later, we like to leave them out in our math center area to be pulled out during other free work times.

120 Number Puzzles
Color code each set of numbers using different colors of card stock. Cut the numbers apart and put them into zip bags labeled with the number range. Kiddos go around the room and put the set of numbers in counting order. Once finished with one set, they move around to another set!

1-30 Counting Mats
Print each mat. Lay them out with a small collection of objects. Kiddos will count and place the correct number of objects on each number mat.

Counting Task Cards
Print the task cards. Kiddos will practice counting on from any number.

Must Have Math Tools!
 This 120 Mat from Learning Resources is a tool you'll use many times through the year! It's great to introduce at the beginning of the year! Grab in on Amazon. (affiliate link)
 This Ten Frame Stamp is another tool from Learning Resources that is super handy to have in the classroom! Grab it on Amazon. (affiliate link)
Whole Group Game
This is a great game to keep in mind all year! We've loved using it during snack time to keep the kiddos munching quietly!

Book Recommendations
These number books by Kathryn Otoshi are WONDERFUL for thinking about numbers and the importance of their order. Grab them on Amazon! (affiliate links)


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