Text Evidence in the Primary Grades

We've made it easy for emergent readers to practice using techniques to find and use evidence from texts!
Teaching primary readers to answer questions based on evidence from the text is a tricky task.  We have found that primary readers need direction and a strategy to go back into the text before writing an answer.  Because of this we created Emergent Text Evidence Reading Passages. 

We make sure that the text is at a level that primary readers can read.  Because of this, they can be used for whole group, small group, and independent instruction.  

We wrote the text with repeated sentence patterns.   Because of this, the passages are easier to read and comprehend.

The emergent passages each include 2-3 questions that require students to find the answer, highlight it in the text, and write in on the line(s).  Once they do this multiple times, they get better and better.  

The passages also include one written response question that is more open ended.  It still requires evidence from the text, though.  

In this video, you can see Emergent Text Evidence Passages in action!  

We have an original set of Emergent Text Evidence Passages

...and a set of Emergent Text Evidence Passages for each month!  Each month covers topics / themes for that month (i.e., Valentine's Day and Dental Health in February).

Our students have gained confidence in their reading and comprehension over the years with these products, and we know your students will too!