Don't Forget Grammar! Add it in Easily!

Purposefully add in Grammar to your lesson plans!  We show you how to do it and with which materials to use!
Do you ever find that you have skipped over Grammar lessons to give enough time for other instruction?   

We found ourselves working so hard to fit in comprehension skills, fluency practice, and types of writing in our lessons, that we weren't allowing for specific Grammar practice!  We created a Grammar resource to use as a guide and support to fit in a few Grammar practice times a week.
1st Grade pack

Monster Grammar
We created a pack of activities and tasks for each Grammar Standard in 1st Grade and 2nd Grade.  We called it Monster Grammar, saying that 'You can't teach monsters their manners, but you can teach them grammar!' :)
1st Grade pack

We love to use the Monster Grammar resources in the classroom because of its flexibility!  The units of Grammar study in the mini sets for each standard can be taught quickly if given just a bit of time, or at length if able to be added into a daily schedule!

2nd Grade pack

 Teaching with Monster Grammar Packs!
Here is a way you can use the Monster Grammar packs to do grammar work each day!

Day 1: Grammar Skill Intro
1st Grade pack
A Mink, a Fink, a Skating Rink (affiliate link)
If You Were a Noun (affiliate link)

On Day 1, pull out the poster for the grammar skill you'll be working on.  We like to use some books on the first day we introduce a grammar skill.  Each set of activities to match a grammar standard has a poster!

2nd Grade pack
Feet and Puppies, Thieves and Guppies (affiliate link)
If You Were a Plural Word (affiliate link)

Day 2: Active Practice
 1st Grade pack

On Day 2, engage students in skill practice with a manipulative activity!  Kiddos will sort, match, select, or write to practice the grammar skill.  We like to practice the activity together in whole group first, then move it into center time so students can practice/review independently.

2nd Grade pack

Day 3: Active Practice/Review/Guided Practice
1st Grade pack

On this day, you can do a 'check in' to see how students are moving towards understanding and application of the grammar skill being taught. Gauge student understanding by reviewing the name of the grammar skill, re-reading a book, or completing the active practice activity again. You could also move on to assigning a task sheet on this day. We select the first task sheet to be completed together as guided practice.

1st Grade pack

Each grammar standard's set includes several task sheets, so it is easy to select one for guided practice, one for independent/partner practice, and one for assessment (an even one for homework too!).

Day 4: Independent Practice

2nd Grade pack

Select a task sheet for students to work on independently. We also like to pair students in partner pairs to complete a task sheet together.

Day 5: Wrap Up
2nd Grade pack
All of the work from the standard set fits well into an anchor chart!  Use the last day as a chance for students to visit the anchor chart for more engagement with the grammar skill!  They can read the books, participate in active skill practice and/or complete another task sheet.
In a Time Crunch?!
We sure have been!  We've had a few years where we COULD NOT fit explicit grammar practice in each day.  Instead, we would spend each Friday teaching a grammar skill for a large chunk of time.  After the instruction, we would put the manipulative tasks into center time and leave the books out for students to read into the following week.
2nd Grade pack

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