Classroom Leprechaun Visit

Ready to add a little luck to your classroom?  Check out our Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf pack and see how we use a Leprechaun visit to encourage fun writing, making good choices, and working hard!
Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf!

March is several months after the long winter break, but still a bit before Spring Break.  Once it rolls around, we find the kiddos needing a little extra encouragement to work hard and be kind.  Our Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf comes in for a visit to add a different kind of fun to the room!

The classroom Leprechaun arrives about a week before St. Patrick's Day.  In the classroom, we use a small plush Leprechaun to be the 'Leprechaun on a Classroom Shelf.'  He arrives while the students are out of the room (specials, lunch, or recess time) and comes with a little book telling about himself.  He prompts students to select a name for him!

Once the Leprechaun has been names, students can write about his arrival and take it home along with a note to parents about the special visitor and the week ahead!

Sneaky, Silly Leprechaun!
 Through the week, the classroom leprechaun will 'hide' in different places around the classroom to watch for kindness and hard work from students.  
Sneaking into a book box!
 Hanging out on the pocket chart!

As the Leprechaun makes his way around the classroom, students will keep a small journal of the places they have seen him.  In the journal, they will also reflect on the good choices and work they have done in the classroom to show kindness and hard work.

Students will have many other writing opportunities during the week of the Leprechaun's visit.  They can write notes to the Leprechaun and participate in creative writing tasks.

Pair these writing activities with favorite St. Patrick's Day read alouds!
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Here's how we paired a few writing activities with the book picks!
This book is super cute!  A sweet book about working together to create a trap for the Leprechaun!

A Special Reward!
 As students are 'caught' working hard or being kind, the Classroom Leprechaun leaves a special note and a GOLD CRAYON!  Students LOVE adding their special crayon to their supply pouch!

We've also had the Leprechaun leave special treats like fake gold coins, chocolate coins, and Skittles!

Time to Prep!
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Then start printing!  We've got a COLOR copy and a BLACK & WHITE for each resource in the pack!  We've even included some paper coins and a paper Leprechaun if you don't want to buy a plush one!

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More March Fun!
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