Math Strategy Tools

Here's a way to give your students a visual tool of math strategies for solving addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division equations!
Our Math Strategy Tools are cutout shapes with math strategies for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Each 'tool' matches the strategy shown and shows an example of how students use the strategy to help solve a math equation.  Let's take a close up look at each set of Math Tools!
The Tools!

Grab the Addition and Subtraction Math Tools!

Grab the Multiplication and Division Math Tools!

Want to see more?  Let's look Inside the Pack!
Each math operation (+ - x ÷) has a large tool for hanging on a Math Wall, a set of larger cutout tools, and a set of smaller cutout tools.  
The large math tools look great printed on colored card stock and hung on a math wall for you and the students to refer to during lessons and work time.
Laminating the math tools before use will add extra durability for use all year long!
In our classrooms, kiddos keep their book boxes out all day because they have so many tools in them!  Kiddos access many things in their book boxes all through the day, so keeping the math tools in there is perfect!
 Ready to work!  Here is one of our Print a Standard task sheets.  Students can use their math tools to find the best strategy for solving the subtraction problems!

Ready to Introduce Math Strategy Tools?
We like to use the Large Math Wall Size tools to introduce and model strategies during whole group lessons.  We introduce the strategies as they fit with our math curriculum, so students don't have a full ring of tools at first.  We slowly add on tools as we work through and practice different strategies.
These books are great for introducing math operations!
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If you were a Plus Sign
If you were a Minus Sign 
 If you were a Times Sign
If you were a Divided-By Sign

Student Created Math Strategies
After introducing many strategies, we have students create math strategy cards to hang on our math wall.  They pair perfectly with our Math Tools!

Grab Math Strategy Tools Now!
 Ready to use our Math Strategy Tools with your elementary students?  Come on over to our Teachers Pay Teachers store to grab a set!  Click the product pictures below to find the set that is best for the students your work with!